How to Hit Your 2019 Reading Goal

How to Hit Your 2019 Reading Goal

How to Hit Your Reading Goal

A new year has begun, and bookworms everywhere are making lists of their 2019 reading resolutions. Whether you hope to read 20 books or 200 this year, the best way to achieve your goal is to make a plan. Here, we’ve outlined a few helpful tips to ensure that come December, you’re feeling accomplished and very well-read.


Set a measurable goal

The first step in making your reading dreams come true is to decide how many books you want to read this year. We find the easiest way to accomplish this is to break it down into weeks. There are 52 weeks in a year. Do you want to read a book or more a week? Do you want to take the pressure off and read a book a month? Think realistically about your schedule and what works for you.

Announce it to the world

Accountability works wonders. We’d recommend sharing your reading goal and updating it throughout the year. You can do this through the Goodreads Challenge, or even on your own social media platforms. Who knows, you might even encourage others to join in!

Keep track

Whether you keep track of your reading through Goodreads, a notebook, or a detailed spreadsheet, having a system will help keep you focused on your goal. Plus, there’s nothing better than sitting down in December and looking back on all of the books you’ve read that year.

Never leave home without a book

You never know when downtime will hit. Having a book on hand at all times will ensure that you can sneak in a few pages while waiting for your train to arrive, on your lunch break, or even standing in line at the grocery store.

Double up

Why read one book when you could read two? Have twice the fun by reading multiple books at once. This can be tricky for newbies. We’d recommend reading books in different genres and even different formats to help you keep the characters and plots separate in your mind.

Explore different reading formats

There’s no wrong way to a read a book, and reading in new formats can help you to squeeze in reading time in brand new ways. Audiobooks are fantastic for commutes or when you’re cleaning the house. Ebooks ensure that even if you’re wedged into a packed subway car, you still have room to read that 600-page doorstop. And you can never go wrong with a physical book.

Buddy up

Chances are that someone in your life shares your goal of wanting to read more books. Ask if they’d like to participate in a buddy read.

Let it go

In January, the entire year stretches before us like an endless stream of days. But those days disappear quickly, and we don’t want you wasting them on books you simply don’t enjoy. If a book isn’t capturing your attention, don’t be afraid to step away and start something new.

Join a book club

All book lovers know the struggle of dying to talk about a book that no one you know has read. Solve that problem before it even starts by joining a book club!

Participate in a reading challenge

Each January, Bookish announces a yearly reading challenge for bookworms to join in. We offer prompts to help encourage reading across a variety of genres, and it may just inspire you to try to read a book a week for the entire year.

Want to take it easy before you tackle 52 prompts? Try our monthly Bookish bingo.

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