This Week’s Hottest Releases: June 25 — July 1

This Week’s Hottest Releases: June 25 — July 1

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the eight titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Summer Previews for the best books coming out this season.

The Girl of the Lake

Are you looking for a book of short stories to take to the lake (or beach, or pool) with you this week? Look no further than Bill Roorbach’s collection, The Girl of the Lake. Roorbach, as readers may already know, has won an O. Henry Prize and a Flannery O’Connor award, and his newest volume doesn’t disappoint. Readers will meet a host of fascinating characters who view the world in unusual ways. In a starred review, Kirkus called this collection “elegant” and “assured,” and we just know you’ll agree.


Strange Contagion

This book takes on a difficult subject: suicide clusters. Author Lee Daniel Kravetz writes about how suicide can be contagious and his own qualms about raising his child in Silicon Valley during an epidemic. In just six months in 2009, at one high school in Palo Alto, five students committed suicide on the local train tracks. This book will ask: How might suicide spread from person to person, and what are the implications of this kind of social contagion? If you’re hankering for a thought-provoking read that probes important questions about culture, medicine, and human psychology, then this is the book for you.

The Child

Journalist Kate Waters has stumbled upon a strange and unsettling story: In London, an infant’s skeleton has been found underneath an old house that is being torn down. Who could this baby be, and who could have left her there? As Kate digs into the mystery, she finds a connection to an old case where a newborn baby went missing from a nearby hospital. Soon, Kate will find herself at the center of a troubling situation rife with secrets and lies. This one is supremely difficult to put down.

The Queen of Swords

Readers: If you’ve been waiting for the newest installment in R.S. Belcher’s Golgotha series, then this is your lucky week. The third book in the series, The Queen of Swords, finds Maude on the road to Charleston, South Carolina, where she hopes to find her daughter, Constance. This trip becomes more complicated, however, when she stumbles into the conflict between the Sons of Typhon and the Daughters of Lilith (of which Maude is a member). Both sides of the war want Constance working for them because of her gift for prophecies. Maude will have to tap into the legacy of her distant relative, a renowned female pirate, in order to succeed on her journey.

Duke with Benefits

Manda Collins’ second Studies in Scandal book introduces readers to Lady Daphne Forsyth and Dalton Beauchamp, the Duke of Maitland. Daphne, a mathematician always on the hunt for knowledge, is shocked when she learns that an encrypted message that leads to treasure is in the library of her benefactress. She immediately decides to investigate, but can’t seem to shake Dalton, who wonders why Daphne is constantly sneaking in and out of his aunt’s library.

The Beautiful Lost

Young adult readers looking for a road trip novel with heart will want to pick up Luanne Rice’s latest. Eighteen-year-old Maia has battled depression ever since her mom left six years ago. She’s convinced that if she can find her mom, she’ll get better and never need to go back to the hospital where she stayed after attempting suicide. Maia decides to hit the road in search of her mother, and is surprised when her crush Billy offers to join her. But Billy is running from something too, and soon his past will catch up with him.

In the Shadow of the Sun

Twelve-year-old Mia was born in South Korea, but she’s spent most of her childhood with her adopted family in Connecticut. When her father, an aid worker, takes her and her older brother with him to North Korea, Mia finds herself enjoying time spent in a country where she’s surrounded by people who look like her. But when their father is arrested and photos of a prison camp fall into their hands, Mia and Simon are faced with a tough choice: stay put or try to run and reach the Chinese border. Through Mia’s narration and short chapters featuring profiles of fictional North Koreans, Anne Sibley O’Brien’s novel offers middle grade readers a closer look at this closed society.


Time Out!

When a little pig causes a big mess by skateboarding indoors, his mother sends him to his room to think about what he’s done. While his mother, the narrator, instructs him to sit still and behave until his time out is over, the little pig has other ideas. With little more than a box, a pencil, and his wild imagination, he sets off on a mission to space and still makes it back before his time out is over. This is a fun and colorful adventure that will charm children and adults alike.


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