This Week’s Hottest Releases: April 30 — May 6

This Week’s Hottest Releases: April 30 — May 6

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the eight titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Spring Previews for the best books coming out this season.

Salt Houses

Salma sees the future in a bottom of a coffee cup on the day before her daughter is to be wed. But she isn’t sure she should share what she sees, so instead, she remains silent. Eventually, however, all of her unspoken predictions come true anyway–especially one: Alia and her family won’t settle in one place for long. What follows is the story of four generations of a Palestinian family and their search for a place to call home. In a starred review, Kirkus raved that Salt Houses is “A deeply moving look inside the Palestinian diaspora.”

The Garden of Small Beginnings

Ever since Lilian Girvan’s husband died in a car accident, nothing about her life has been quite the same. She is now a single parent, which she isn’t used to, and grieving has been a long process. Despite these challenges, she takes great care of her two daughters and has a good job as a book illustrator. Then, Lilian gets an exciting new assignment which takes her to the Los Angeles botanical garden. It’s a new beginning for Lilian, and might be just what she needs to feel like her life is moving forward again.

One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter

Readers, if you aren’t already acquainted with Scaachi Koul, don’t waste another minute. She is a writer for BuzzFeed, and her sharp wit shines through in this new collection of essays. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly wrote “Simultaneously uproarious and affecting, the personal essays in Buzzfeed contributor Koul’s debut explore the nuances of life as a first-generation Canadian with Indian parents, from phobias, guilt trips, and grudges to the drama of interracial dating.” What are you waiting for?

Proving Ground

Like father, like son, they say. Except when that isn’t the case at all. Nathaniel Dresden didn’t have the smoothest of relationships with his dad, but he didn’t want him dead. Or did he? The police—in particular, Detective Lourdes Robles–believe that Nathaniel is involved in the events leading up to David Dresden’s murder. But as the investigation deepens, the police will find more and more people who could have had a motive for killing David. Readers who want a NYPD mystery to pick up this week need look no further.

The Bad Luck Bride

Lady Claire is certain she’s cursed. She’s been engaged three times in the past, but hasn’t once made it down the aisle. When her fourth engagement is broken, she believes that her reputation may never recover. That is until the Marquess of Pembrooke, Alexander Hallworth, offers for her hand. Little does Claire know, Alex has an agenda all his own. He has a score to settle with Lord Paul, Claire’s fourth fiance, and he’s prepared to use Claire to help him do that. But the closer he gets to Claire, the more reluctant he becomes to do anything that might jeopardize his own future with her.


A cappella fans will not want to miss out on this young adult novel from Riley Redgate. Jordan Sun, a Chinese-American bisexual teen, lives to sing. But apparently there isn’t room for an alto 2 in her high school’s musical. Her dreams of performing seem dashed, until she hears of a spot opening in an exclusive a cappella group. The only issue? It’s an all-male group. Unwilling to give up, no matter the cost, Jordan decides to crossdress as Julian and is given the coveted spot! Her new identity opens the door to more than just the a cappella group, and the consequences of her choice drive Jordan to think about privilege and identity in new ways.

Beyond the Bright Sea

Lauren Wolk’s middle grade novel takes readers to the fictional Elizabeth Islands, just off the coast of Massachusetts. Twelve-year-old Crow has lived there for most of her life, but she was born somewhere far away across the sea. She isn’t entirely sure where she comes from because someone placed her in a boat when she was only a few hours old and let her drift out to sea. Crow was found by Osh, a painter who found her boat when it washed up on shore and decided to raise her. When a strange fire appears to be burning on an abandoned island across the water, Crow starts to wonder what lies beyond her island home and if it’s possible to discover where she came from.


Any day that brings a new Neil Gaiman story is a good one. Both children and adults will find themselves enchanted by this picture book, which tells the story of a blind princess named Cinnamon who doesn’t speak. Her parents offer riches and treasure to anyone who can make their daughter talk, but all who try fail. Then one day, a magnificent tiger comes to Cinnamon and begins to teach her to speak. Gorgeous art by Divya Srinivasan transports readers to a magical Indian world that they won’t want to leave.


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