Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Bags for Toting Books Around

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Bags for Toting Books Around

A typical person may occasionally leave the house with a book. One book is easy enough to store in a purse, or even a pocket if they book is compact enough. Voracious readers, however, rarely leave home with only one book, because they never know just what mood will strike them. At the bus stop will they want to read Charles Dickens or John Green? On their lunch break, will they fancy Bossypants or Bovary? Might as well bring them all, and totes help to make the journey a bit easier. Here, 15 creative tote bags for your favorite reader.

For reader who still has his/her original library card:

For the classics reader with a sense of humor:

For fans of both stories and Sir Mix-A-Lot:

 For the swooning heart:

 For your friend who loves getting lost in the stacks:

For the lover of foreign translations:

For the wingman:


For the rebel at heart:

For your vaguely depressed friend:

For the reader with a single author obsession:

For the sassy Shakespearian:

For the Jo March:

For the reader who won’t stop believing in magic:

For the flirty flapper:

For the king of all halflings:

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