Teri Wilson’s Top Five Hidden-Identity Romances

Teri Wilson’s Top Five Hidden-Identity Romances


Readers looking for a romantic escape can’t go wrong with Teri Wilson’s Royally Roma. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday, the novel follows a prince in disguise and the PhD student who steals his heart. Wilson is a huge fan of hidden-identity romances, and here she shares some of her favorites with Bookish readers.

The Accidental Duchess

This book sparkles with humor and witty banter. The hilarity begins when Gwen discovers on her wedding night that she’s accidentally married her fiancé’s identical twin brother. Things get even more complicated when her new husband—who also happens to be royal—insists on continuing to impersonate his brother, but won’t tell her why. The fact that she’s wildly attracted to him doesn’t help.

Mister Moneybags

Is he a billionaire or a bike messenger? After Dex meets Bianca in an elevator, he lets her believe he’s a delivery guy, while at the same time communicating with her over email as his genuine self for an interview. They have as much chemistry online as they do in person, and soon Dex finds himself in a bit of a pickle. Things get pretty funny and way, way sexy. This is Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward, after all.


Princess Daisy

Be still my heart, this one is a classic. First published in 1980, Princess Daisy was a very big part of my introduction to the romance genre. The story has stuck with me, even all these years later. It’s got everything: glamour, angst, romance, a hidden twin, and as many twists and turns as an epic melodrama. Plus there’s a beautiful princess with a tragic past and a heart of gold. She loses everything and is forced to rebuild her life as a commoner who paints portraits for a living. I haven’t looked at this book in over a decade, and I can still remember the final scene with perfect clarity. That’s the mark of a great story!

The Year of Living Scandalously

If historical romance is your thing, this one’s for you! It’s jam-packed with everything I love about Regencies: a young lady masquerading as her cousin to avoid an arranged marriage (as one does), a mystery involving some long lost ruby jewelry, and a delicious alpha hero who gets tangled up in the heroine’s masquerade. Hold onto your reticule, because Declan is positively yummy. And as usual, Julia London’s storytelling is exquisite.

Baby at His Door

If you’re an heiress, what’s the best way to avoid having to marry a man you don’t love? Fake amnesia and move in with a total stranger. Obviously. Throw an abandoned baby into the mix, and the attraction between the secret heiress and her unsuspecting lawman gets serious fast. This one will melt your heart.

Teri Wilson’s novels Unleashing Mr. Darcy and The Art of Us are now both Hallmark Channel Original Movies. Teri is also a contributing writer at HelloGiggles.com and Teen Vogue, covering books, pop culture, and everything royal. She’s crazy about cute animals, vintage fashion, and traveling. Visit her at TeriWilson.net or on Twitter @TeriWilsonAuthr.


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