Back to Hogwarts: Magical Harry Potter School Supplies

Back to Hogwarts: Magical Harry Potter School Supplies

September first is around the corner, readers, and the Hogwarts Express is pulling out of the station at 11am whether you have all of your supplies ready or not! In case you weren’t able to make it to Diagon Alley this year, here are some of our favorite Harry Potter school supplies that will ensure your year is simply magical.

The wand usually chooses the wizard, but in this case you can pick between a brown, silver, or gold pencil wand.

Channel your inner Hermione and prepare for some note-taking.

This messenger bag is perfect for storing your books, homework, and any mischievous Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes products.

This stained glass lunch bag will have you feeling as though you’ve been transported to Hogwarts.


You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your inkpot with these muggle-made quill pens.


Keep all of your pens, pencils, and quills together with this owl bag.

If you aren’t blessed with the Second Sight, use this weekly planner to keep your eye on the future.


You’ll be useless on the Quidditch pitch if you aren’t hydrated. Stay on Oliver Wood’s good side and drink up.


You won’t need to borrow Neville’s Remembrall to remember your place with these house-themed bookmarks.


Show off your style and your passion for Harry Potter with this t-shirt.

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