Harry Potter Cards for a Magical Holiday Season

Harry Potter Cards for a Magical Holiday Season


Do you feel like picking up your wand and using a summoning charm to find the perfect holiday card? Now you don’t have to. Bookish is gifting you these Harry Potter-inspired holiday cards to help you spread a little magic to your favorite muggles. Just click each image to download the card. Then print, fold, and mail it out!

If only Hedwig could help us deliver these holiday cards.

I spy Harry Potter flying above the castle on this magical winter night.

McGonagall’s perfect version of the holidays involves a cat nap and no mischief from the golden trio.

Oliver Wood’s tree would have a Quidditch theme, don’t you think?

Heed Luna Lovegood’s words and step away from the mistletoe.


The holidays bring us all closer together.

Even the Whomping Willow is getting in the holiday spirit!


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