20 Enchanting Harry Potter Enamel Pins

20 Enchanting Harry Potter Enamel Pins

Harry Potter enamel pins

At Bookish, we adore enamel pins—but you already knew that. We’re constantly on the hunt for new ones to adorn our bags and jackets with, which is why we’ve rounded up 20 Harry Potter enamel pins that will transport you to Hogwarts. Afterall, who doesn’t need a little more magic in their life?

Your Hogwarts letter has finally arrived.

This wand and Patronus set is simply magical.

Pucker up.

Get cozy with this Weasley jumper.

We know you share Hermione’s motto: When in doubt go to the library.

Show off your inner Marauder.

We have heart eyes over this little
treasure hunter.

Wait… there’s an incoming vision. It’s you in the future, wearing this pin.

You’ll want to hop to it and get this pin before someone else snatches it up.

This subtle pin features the final line from the series.

Who wouldn’t want to take Hairy Pawtter home?

If only we could really add these books to our TBR pile.

Listen up: All pranksters need a pair of these ears.

Who couldn’t use a little extra luck?

This pin captures an iconic difference between the book and the movie.

Luna Lovegood would adore this little Thestral.

Carry the Deathly Hallows everywhere you go with this pin.

Show off your house pride with a glittering scarf pin.

With movable clock hands, this pin will have you feeling like a proper Weasley.

Home is where the heart is.

Where better to display your magical pins than on a house flag?

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