Happy National Hug Day! Hugs We Want to Get From Fictional Characters

Happy National Hug Day! Hugs We Want to Get From Fictional Characters


Happy National Hug Day! When Reverend Kevin Zaborney created this holiday in 1986, he found that whether you hug your friends, family, or a stranger, the health benefits of hugs are the same. So, of course, we got to thinking about which fictional characters we’d like to embrace on January 21, and the different kinds of hugs—from the tender to the downright awkward—they would give.

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    1. The Notebook

    The Notebook hug

    Noah and Allie’s passionate embraces have legitimately become their own category of hug: Two young lovers, separated by distance and class, leap into each other’s arms (rainstorm optional). Gah, to be in love.

    Sources: Tumblr/My World for Always, Time Out London

  2. Book

    2. Confessions of a Shopaholic

    Bear hug

    When Becky Bloomwood hugs, she hugs her Prada—and when she hugs her Prada, you can bet it’s tight enough to squeeze the life out of it.

  3. Book

    3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Awkward Hug That Shall Not Be Named

    Imagine Lord Voldemort hugging you. Feeling his bony arms surrounding you, the smell of death invading your nostrils, and his general disdain for your very existence seeping into your body. Or, worse, he’ll creepily whisper your name mid-embrace, like he did to poor Draco. You’ll want to Apparate out of that hug ASAP.

    Source: Tumblr/Voldie’s Horcrux

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    4. Cold Days

    Hug/handshake dilemma

    Considering that Chicago’s only professional wizard Harry Dresden can’t get through a week without having to exorcise demons, come back from the dead, or juggle his friendship/flirtation with Murphy, it’s no surprise that he would give the most awkward of hugs: where one of you goes in for a hug and the other is feeling a handshake.

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    5. The Return of the King

    Tackle hug

    If Sam did indeed meet Frodo in the Undying Lands, you can bet he’d tackle him straight to the ground.

    Sources: Tumblr/fuckyeahfrodoandsam, Tumblr/sarahsamudre

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    6. The Dream Thieves

    Bro slap

    When Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey, III first enrolled at the prestigious Aglionby Academy and met the other Raven Boys, they probably greeted each other with this carefully detached, three-slaps-on-the-back hug. But we know that, as their bromance grew, things got a lot more emotional and a lot more real. We’re jealous of Blue Sargent for fitting in perfectly with the boys—we want those bro hugs!

    Source: BMX Forum

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    7. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    High school girls hug

    While he may not show it with his composed demeanor, internally Sherlock definitely wants to squeal and hug Watson like a high school girl every time he solves a case.

    Sources: Tumblr/Hathawayys, Giphy, Tumblr/asumakitschy

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    8. Pretty Little Liars #14: Deadly

    Frenemies hug

    Every text message in Pretty Little Liars is layered with deceit and conspiracy, so why shouldn’t the hugs be, too? It’s hard to feel the love when you’re constantly wondering if one of the other Liars might be on the A Team.

    Source: WetPaint

  9. Book

    9. X-Men – Volume 1

    Death hug

    Poor Rogue. You would think this tiny girl couldn’t bring down an enemy—or a boyfriend—twice her size with a simple hug. But, afflicted with the ability to steal anyone’s energy through touch, she’s got to be very careful. Not gonna lie, we would want to give her the tiniest hug, just to get a brush with death.

    How will you celebrate National Hug Day?

    Source: Masquerades and Carousels


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