Gymnasts, Security Cameras, and a Cruise Gone Wrong: Summer 2016 Mysteries & Thrillers Preview

Gymnasts, Security Cameras, and a Cruise Gone Wrong: Summer 2016 Mysteries & Thrillers Preview

Sure, some people like to relax on the beach with a book, but you’re not one of those people. You’d rather have your heart racing and pulse pounding as you frantically turn pages from your beach chair. Right? Right. Well, we’ve got the books for you. Whether you want to pore over security camera footage at a resort with a murder problem, or read a noir graphic novel about Depression-era Southern California, we’ve got you covered. No relaxing at the beach for you. Not on our watch.

End of Watch


We have no idea how Stephen King churns exciting new books out so quickly, but he’s done it again. End of Watch is the final installment in the Bill Hodges trilogy that began with Mr. Mercedes, and it is sure to delight fans of both King and the series. Murderer Brady Hartsfield seems to be in a vegetative state, and has been in a ward for brain injuries for years now. But what if he’s more alive and aware of his surroundings than his caregivers know? When bodies start to pile up again, detective Bill Hodges must race to solve the case before he becomes the next victim. Readers of this trilogy will find this conclusion thrilling and satisfying.

On shelves: June 7

The Second Girl

Do it again

Frank Marr used to be a policeman in Washington, D.C., but now he uses that experience to work as a private investigator for a defense lawyer. He also has a habit he would rather not come clean about: drugs. One day, in the middle of a drug bust in the city, he finds a girl who was kidnapped. This is a huge deal, and wins him a fair amount of notoriety along with a new assignment to find another girl who has gone missing. But with notoriety comes more attention than he wants, and hiding his drug problem becomes more and more difficult. For readers who love a good antihero, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect summer read.

On shelves: June 7


On videotape

This thriller plays around with experimental form, and delivers an exciting and unusual reading experience. As the reader, you have access to columns of text that describe video feeds from security cameras as the action of the story unfolds. The tale is set at the brand new Manderley Resort in California, where staff members are being picked off by a killer. Who is killing these people, and what kind of message do they hope to send? No one is quite sure, but the answer lies in the security footage. If you love thrillers and are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, this is the perfect book to stay up all night reading.

On shelves: June 7

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Road trip gone wrong

This book will sink its claws into you and never let go. A couple takes a road trip, but as the weather worsens, it becomes clear that something terrible has happened. The couple, Jake and his girlfriend who is never named, are driving to see Jake’s parents. The girlfriend seems to feel ambivalent about the relationship, but something darker is also afoot. There isn’t a word out of place in this book, which will fill you with a creeping sense of dread. This psychological thriller will ruin your night, and we mean that as a compliment of the highest order. Kirkus writes, “[Iain] Reid’s tightly crafted tale toys with the nature of identity and comes by its terror honestly, building a wall of intricately layered psychological torment so impenetrable it’s impossible to escape.”

On shelves: June 14

Missing, Presumed

She’s gone

Some of the best thrillers feature detectives who are great at their jobs but also very human in that they have anxieties and flaws that make them relatable to the reader. This is certainly the case in Susie Steiner’s new novel, Missing, Presumed, where DS Manon Bradshaw, a detective on the cusp of 40, struggles with her loneliness while keeping on top of her professional commitments. Her new case concerns a missing woman, Edith Hind, whose father is a well-known physicist. As Manon looks for clues about the disappearance, she also grapples with her own worries about finding a life partner. We love how character-driven this story is, and we think you will, too.

On shelves: June 28

We Could Be Beautiful

Picture perfect

There is only one thing that Catherine West doesn’t have. It’s not a great apartment–she lives in the West Village. It’s not financial stability–she has plenty. The only thing missing is her own family, and when she meets William Stockton, it seems like he can give that to her. She meets him out one night at a gala in New York City, and he seems absolutely perfect. But something is amiss. When she mentions his name to her family, she gets a strange reaction. Catherine writes the incident off, however, and she and William end up getting engaged anyway. Eventually, bizarre incidents start to pile up and Catherine must come to grips with the fact that there’s more to William than meets the eye. This psychological thriller will keep you up all night turning pages.

On shelves: June 28

Fall from Grace

Missing person

Leonard Franks goes missing in the most pedestrian of ways. One evening, he steps outside to get wood for the fire, and doesn’t come back. After months and months of searching, the police have no real leads, and Leonard’s family contacts David Raker, who specializes in finding people who have gone missing. Once Raker starts to dig into the events of that evening, he finds connections to some of the cases Leonard himself worked on in the past, and the implications will be nothing short of shocking. This fifth installment in the David Raker series from Tim Weaver is a winner. Don’t miss it.

On shelves: July 19

Cousin Joseph

Red squad

Here at Bookish, we love Jules Feiffer. We love his writing, we love his illustrations, and we could not be more excited about the release of Cousin Joseph, the prequel to Kill My Mother. This graphic novel takes readers to Bay City, California in 1931. Our protagonist, Big Sam, is involved with a group known as the Red Squad doing anti-union work, and is also running secret errands for a shadowy figure known only as Cousin Joseph. In this prequel, readers will get a fascinating glimpse at characters they’ve already met in Kill My Mother, and finally find out who killed Sam Hannigan. This new installment won’t disappoint.

On shelves: July 26

You Will Know Me

Olympic dreams

There’s been considerable buzz about Megan Abbott’s new novel, You Will Know Me, and with good reason: This story will get inside your head is a serious way. If all goes according to plan, Devon Knox will be an Olympic gymnast one day. She’s 15 years old and shows incredible promise—everyone says so. But a death in the community and the rumors that accompany the tragedy threaten to derail her plans. Suddenly those Olympic dreams are looking a lot more remote. This psychological thriller will grab you by the shoulders and not let go until, breathless, you’ve turned the final page.

On shelves: July 26

The Widower’s Wife

Woman overboard

Ana and Tom Bacon were enjoying a cruise in the Caribbean until the unthinkable happened: Ana fell overboard. Or did she? Ryan Monahan, an insurance investigator has some serious questions about the incident, particularly because of the massive insurance policy the couple took out just before the trip. Tom’s whereabout are accounted for, and it doesn’t seem likely that Ana would have jumped willingly to her death. But then what happened? You’ll have to read this new thriller from Cate Holahan to find out.

On shelves: August 9



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