Join the Great American Read

Join the Great American Read


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What book changed you the moment you read it?

Maybe it’s a book like Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibilitywhere you fell in love with the witty banter; or maybe, that book is something of a shocking, gripping tale, full of anger that draws you back in like Richard Wright’s Native Son. Either way, books play a fair part in helping us shape who we are—and, if we’re lucky, they can change us for the better. Thankfully, PBS understands that.

This spring, PBS will premiere their eight-part television and online series, The Great American Readwhich explores 100 of the most beloved books in America, and how they’ve inspired and changed people’s lives. The first show airs on May 22nd on local PBS stations with a launch special, where the list of 100 books will be revealed. A summer of reading and voting will follow where viewers and participants can go online and cast their votes the most beloved book of all time.

The series will feature input from authors, celebrities, experts, and readers to show just how books have shaped the nation, impacted lives, and continue to offer timeless inspiration and wonder for generations. If you thought you’d have nothing to do this summer, think again: PBS has your summer reading list already prepared!

The Great American Read premieres on May 22, at 8/7 Central on your local PBS station. For more information, please visit The Great American Read official website or their Facebook page.


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