Gifts for the Creative Soul: Our Favorite Coloring Books of 2015

Gifts for the Creative Soul: Our Favorite Coloring Books of 2015


Coloring books were all the rage in 2015, and we don’t see the hype dying down any time soon. These are some of our favorites from this year. So start sharpening those colored pencils; you’ve got some pages to fill in.


For the holiday cheermeister: Peace. Joy. Color.

Destress from detangling Christmas lights with this holiday-themed book filled with festive designs.



For the party animal (who secretly is more of a homebody): Animorphia

Holiday celebrations are fun… and exhausting. Coloring in these stunning and intricate drawings is the perfect way to unwind alone at the end of the day.



For the fangirl/boy: Star Wars

Whether you’re a member of the Empire or a rebel sympathizer, lay down your lightsaber and pick up your colored pencils. Awaken your inner child and explore the galaxy.



For the yogi: Calming Patterns

Sometimes you don’t want to focus on animals, holidays, or Stormtroopers. Sometimes all you need are some sweeping lines and time to color them in.



For the one wearing flannel: Enchanted Forest

Lumberjacks, wood nymphs, and animal enthusiasts will love this book from one of the most recognized coloring book artists. These designs are intricate, gorgeous, and magical.



For the city slicker: Secret New York

This artist also has books featuring Paris and Tokyo, meaning you can visit a place you’ve always wanted to go and practice shading in your favorite landmarks.



For the Project Runway addict: The Look

Take a tour of the style capitals of the world in this fashion-themed book that lets you play designer. Artists, make it work.



For the person who is still keeping calm and carrying on: Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

If inspirational quotes are your thing, you will love this book and its sunny messages.



For the prince or princess: A Brothers Grimm Coloring Book and Other Classic Fairy Tales

A new film adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” is causing a stir because Ariel will have blonde hair. We can’t offer you a say in the film, but this book lets you decide the hair color (and more!) for your fairy tale favorites.


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