Gift Guide: Bookish Presents for Your Favorite Reader

Gift Guide: Bookish Presents for Your Favorite Reader

We get it; us readers are hard to shop for. If you’re looking to get your favorite reader a book, we have a list for that here. If you think the last thing they need is another title on their TBR list, but still want to support their passion for books, this is the list for you. Here we’ve collected some of our favorite games, jewelry, and other gifts that any reader would be happy to receive—conveniently ordered from least to most expensive.

Do you have a friend who is a little… intense about getting back the books they loan out? This is the perfect gift for the meticulous librarian in your life.


$16 from NYPL

Winter is coming. Your reader will be prepared to wait out the cold with this soy candle.


$18 from Frostbeard Studio

What’s the perfect gift that combines the highbrow (William Shakespeare) with the lowbrow (Cards Against Humanity)? The answer is obviously this mashup of the two: Bards Dispense Profanity.

Bards 1746x1469

$20 from Amazon

Mismatched earrings are very on-trend right now. Give your fashion-forward bookworm friend these literary baubles this holiday season.


$20 from Uncommon Goods

We love this cozy throw pillow, but obviously we’re biased.


$20 from Bookish’s Society6 Shop

Do you have a friend who considers puns to be high art? Make their year with this delightful game.


$20 from Penguin Random House

Building a secret room hidden behind a bookcase is time consuming and expensive. We recommend buying a book with a secret, boozy surprise inside.


$30 from Etsy shop HollowedSecrets

Quote-obsessed readers can put their favorite literary lines up in lights with this gift.


$30 from New York Public Library

This card game is a must for Pride and Prejudice fans (and readers who really miss playing Dream Phone).


$34 from Amazon

It’s going to be a chilly winter. Help your reader stay warm with a sweater from their Hogwarts house.


$35 from Hot Topic

For the sci-fi reader who is still a kid at heart, these color-blasting water guns are a must-have.


$45 from BioToy

No Khaleesi should be without this hand carved hair pin.


$46 from Etsy shop tangram77

To quote Chandler Bing, “Bookends! That’s a great gift!” We think your reader will agree.


$52 from Overstock

This collection of Penguin Christmas classics is sure to warm the hearts of Scrooges and Grinches everywhere.


$64 from Wordery

These gorgeous mini books are made to order by the artist. If you’re looking for something truly unique, this is it.


$65 from Etsy shop belleiso

If you’re buying for a die-hard sports fan, this custom gift collects all of the New York Times stories about their favorite team. Baseball is shown here, but there is a football book too.


$72 from Uncommon Goods

A lamp might not sound like a good gift off the bat, but we promise that your reader will flip for it.


$190 from New York Public Library

This leather handbag, crafted to look like a book of spells, is perfect for the witch in your life.


$199 from Skinny Bags

Whether you’re buying for a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, Juniper Books has you covered. Pick the Hogwarts house your reader hails from and order them a set of Harry Potter books with jackets to match.


$275 from Juniper Books



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