Get Your Book Club Talking with Bookish’s Wild Game Discussion Guide

Get Your Book Club Talking with Bookish’s Wild Game Discussion Guide

Wild Game by Adrienne Brodeur is Bookish’s fall 2019 Kelly’s Pick, and we want your book club to be prepared with everything you need for a great meeting! Spark some fun and fascinating conversation with these 12 questions for your book club’s discussion of Brodeur’s memoir.

Psst: Read an excerpt of the book here!

1) Wild Game is filled with twists, turns, and powerful memories. Which scenes were the the most thought-provoking, the most relatable, and the most shocking?

2) Do you think Adrienne’s relationship with Malabar made her an unreliable narrator?

3) In this book, the author and her mother are frequently described as being two halves of the same whole. Do you see them that way?

4) The book focuses on Adrienne’s relationship with her mother, and doesn’t delve as deeply into the ramifications of Ben’s actions. Do you think Ben is let off the hook too easily?

5) What does the necklace seem to symbolize to Adrienne, and what does it symbolize to Malabar? What do you think happened to it?

6) What was Wild Game’s impact on you as a reader? Does the author’s story make you think about your own life or experiences differently?

7) What did you think of Adrienne’s evolving opinion of Lily? Did you as the reader begin to see her differently as the story progressed?

8) The book with a story about the author and her own daughter. How do you think her experiences as Malabar’s daughter shaped the brief interactions readers see of her with her own children?

9) Margot says, “Books come into your life for a reason.” What books do you feel came into your life at the right time?

10) Wild Game is being adapted for film. Who would you cast as Malabar and Ben?

As an added bonus, here are two questions suggested by author Adrienne Brodeur:

11) How does sharing a secret create a false sense of intimacy, when in fact it is often a burden placed on someone? How do secrets keep us from being known?

12)  Are we all destined to become our parents in some way, shape, or form?


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