How To Get Your Book Club Out of a Rut

How To Get Your Book Club Out of a Rut

get your book club out of a rut

Book club meetings are fun, but sometimes they can start to feel a little bit stale. Maybe your club has been meeting for a while and has settled into some patterns that aren’t exciting anymore. Never fear: Bookish is here with tips to help you get your book club out of a rut.


The Problem: The conversation feels stale

The Solution: Check out a discussion guide, read some book reviews, or share some interviews with the author. These materials are likely to give you lots of things to talk about other than rehashing the plot and talking about what you did and didn’t like about the book.


The Problem: The same people always dominate the conversation

The Solution: Sometimes a little bit of structure can help make sure everyone gets a chance to speak. Start your meeting by going around in a circle and asking each member to weigh in on what they thought about the book. You can use this method throughout the meeting as you move to new topics.


The Problem: You’re tired of chips and dip

The Solution: Snacks make book club delicious and fun, and we are wholeheartedly in favor of food at meetings. If your club can’t look at another bag of Ruffles, consider getting creative and bringing snacks that correspond to the book. (Need some inspiration? Check out these snacks for your Queenie book club meeting.)


The Problem: You keep reading the same kind of books

The Solution: Mix things up a little and try an entirely new genre. Does your book club only read literary fiction? Get your heart pumping with a thriller. Does your book club love nonfiction? Shake things up and try a graphic novel.


The Problem: You’re over the routine

The Solution: Break the rules! No one says your book club has to read a book every month. Shake things up by taking a field trip to see a movie, hear an author speak, or even visit a famous literary location.


Need more inspiration? Chat with your fellow book club members about how they’d like to change things up!

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