A Gift Guide is Coming: 17 Game of Thrones Gifts

A Gift Guide is Coming: 17 Game of Thrones Gifts

Game of Thrones gifts

Don’t let the warm breeze and blossoming flowers fool you—winter is officially here, at least on HBO. This Sunday, the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is premiering and we couldn’t be more excited to reunite with our favorite characters and settle in for the bloody battle for the Iron Throne. To celebrate the final season of every bookworm’s favorite show, we’ve rounded up 17 Game of Thrones gifts for the bookish set.


This dire wolf bookmark will protect your spot.


We vow that this Brienne of Tarth mug shall always have a place by our hearth.


Live a thousand lives, dear reader, and wear this pendant while you do.


These beautiful earrings won’t clash with any of your outfits.


Explore the rich history of the Targaryen family in this beautiful, leather-bound copy of Fire & Blood.


No one will question your allegiance to Game of Thrones when you carry this handmade bag.


Hold the place. Hold the place.


We love this dragonglass enamel pin even if it won’t actually kill White Walkers.


This delicious tea is sure to please every visitor, even the King of the North.


Light this candle and transport yourself to Winterfell.


All men must die, but we are not men.


Show off your house sigil with this fancy shield.


You don’t need to be the Mother of Dragons to be fierce.


When you think about it, winter is always coming, and so why not stay warm with this gorgeous scarf?


Let these dragons watch over your precious reading material.


Now you can drink, know things, and keep your wine chilled with this tumbler.


Too soon?

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