Frequent Flyer Sarah J Maas on Her Favorite Plane Reads

Frequent Flyer Sarah J Maas on Her Favorite Plane Reads

New York Times bestselling author, and frequent flyer, Sarah J. Maas is always sure to pack books in her carry-on luggage. Here, the Heir of Fire author shares with us her top five reads for long distances and high altitudes.

One of my favorite parts about being a full-time writer is getting to travel around the world to meet my amazing and wonderful readers. But one of my least favorite parts about doing that is flying.

Confession: I hate flying with a burning passion. Hours spent trapped in a confined space, security lines, horrible airport food… I’m that person who starts doing breathing exercises during turbulence. Basically, whenever I fly, I’m in desperate need of distraction (sometimes even daydreaming about my Throne of Glass series doesn’t keep me occupied enough!)—and I always bring at least two books with me on my travels (plus my e-reader). So if you’re like me, or if you just want some really awesome books to keep you entertained while you’re stuck in a steel can hurtling through the air, here are my top five favorite airplane reads:

  1. Book

    1. Outlander

    It’s long enough that it’ll probably last you for your entire flight and then some, and so compelling and intense that I bet you won’t be able to put it down long enough to eat your peanuts. Plus, Jamie Fraser? One of my favorite male protagonists/love interests EVER. (Another confession: I recently watched the pilot episode of the TV series—which was amazing—and now I’m pretty much completely obsessed with the series again, and rereading the first book—which is just as epic and wonderful the second time around.)

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    2. Open Road Summer

    Okay, I didn’t read this on a plane. I read it on my couch and didn’t get up until I’d finished it. It’s heartfelt, moving, fun, and pretty much the definition of a fantastic summer read. I adored Reagan’s voice, her friendship with Lilah, and Matt Finch… Oh man. Let’s just say that I actually have a pin that says: “I <3 Matt Finch.” Not even kidding.

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    3. Darkfever

    I’m a Moning Maniac. There. I said it. I adore Karen Marie Moning’s books, and her Fever series is one of my favorite series ever. Mac’s voice is unique, compelling, entertaining, and unforgettable; her world horrific and entrancing; and Barrons… Well, words don’t do him justice. It’s dark urban fantasy and romance at their finest.

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    4. Wait for You

    Cam. That’s all I have to say. CAM. Another book boyfriend of mine. I read all the books in this amazing, contemporary New Adult series, and then promptly bought all of J. Lynn’s other NA books. I’m a huge fangirl, and her books are now on my all-time favorites shelf. If you haven’t read any of J. Lynn/Jennifer Armentrout’s books, what are you waiting for?!

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    5. The Darkest Minds

    This is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite YA series, and I am equally excited and devastated that the third and final book— In the Afterlight—will be coming out this fall. I’m so not ready for this incredible series to be over, and I guarantee that once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop! Ruby is such a stellar protagonist: complex, broken, funny, clever. I adore her, as well as the entire supporting group of characters. One thing to be wary of: you will cry buckets and buckets of tears. It’s that compelling, heart-breaking, and awesome. So perhaps pack some tissues in your carry-on, too.


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