Five YA Books Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Think You Should Read

Five YA Books Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Think You Should Read

Authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have teamed up to bring readers on another action-packed galactic adventure. Gemina, the sequel to their hit young adult novel Illuminae, takes place on the Jump Station Heimdall. When a team of vicious aliens attacks the ship, two unlikely allies must work together to save their home… and maybe the world. To celebrate Gemina’s release, Kaufman and Kristoff recommended five other young adult books they think you should read immediately.



Science Fiction

Tattoo Atlas

Tim Floreen is a fantastic writer, who studies the issues and questions of today through the lens of futurism. Tattoo Atlas is a near-future science fiction novel, in which a well-meaning but shadowy scientific project tries to “cure” a killer of his homicidal impulses. The book is smart, tragic, and full of unexpected twists and turns. It’s essentially a study in the nature of human evil, and asks the question of whether it can be controlled or if it’s simply innate, and how much of it lives inside all of us.



All the Rage

Courtney Summers‘ previous novel, This Is Not a Test, was an amazing twist on the classic zombie narrative, but with All the Rage, she’s really created a masterpiece. The story follows a girl named Romy, and the fallout from her sexual assault at the hands of a well-connected local boy. Harrowing but never bleak, it’s a brilliant insight into an all-too-common and yet horrific crime, and the impact it has not only on the lives of victims, but entire communities. Summers is a brilliant writer, and All the Rage is her best work yet.


Alternate History

Wolf by Wolf

Ryan Graudin is an incredibly talented writer, and Wolf by Wolf is Graudin at her finest. It’s an alternate history with a dash of fantasy, set in a world in which the Allies lost WWII. It features a skin-shifting heroine who takes part in a cross-continental motorcycle race, part of a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. It’s brimming with tension and intrigue, non-stop action, and a vivid cast of characters. The settings are evoked in incredible detail, and you really do feel every bump in the road along with the characters. Wolf by Wolf is a beautifully written, immersive read.



Burning Glass

Kathryn Purdie hit the scene in style with her debut fantasy novel, Burning Glass. It tells the story of Sonya, born with the gift of sensing what those around her are feeling, both physically and emotionally. Serving the emperor as his Auraseer, her job is to detect would-be assassins, but she’s caught up in court politics that tug her in rapidly diverging directions. It’s a dark, intricately woven novel, full of heart-pounding action and deadly intrigue. Burning Glass asks complicated questions, and presents an equally complicated heroine.



Under a Painted Sky

Stacey Lee can transport readers to anywhere she puts her mind to, and in Under A Painted Sky, that’s the Oregon Trail in 1849. Samantha is a Chinese musician who loses everything in a tragic accident, and Annamae is a runaway slave who seizes her opportunity to flee town with Samantha for the frontier and the gold rush. They become Sammy and Andy, two boys off to make their fortune, and readers join them on a journey that’s far more than an adventure story. The ridiculously talented Lee delicately draws out questions about race and gender, speaks beautifully and thoughtfully to female friendship, and quite simply picks you up and takes you with her to another time and place.

New York Times bestselling co-authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff met thanks to international taxation law, and soon struck up a writing partnership based on a shared love of blowing things up and breaking hearts. Their first collaboration resulted in the international bestseller Illuminae. Separately, Amie is also the co-author of the bestselling Starbound trilogy, while Jay is the author of the award-winning Lotus War trilogy and the Nevernight Chronicle. They live with their respective spouses in Melbourne, Australia, and are fuelled almost exclusively by caffeine and readers’ tears. You can learn more about Amie and Jay at and


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