Readers Wanted: How to Find New Book Club Members

Readers Wanted: How to Find New Book Club Members

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What’s a book club without any members? The best part of book club is growing your network of bookish friends, but finding dedicated members can be a challenge. If you’re looking to expand your book club, the Bookish team has some ideas for finding new members. Good luck on your search!


Ask friends or family
Start with the people you already know! Are your friends or family members readers? See if they would be interested in joining your book club. Even if they haven’t read a book in a while,  joining a group could give them the push they need to get back into reading.

Place an ad at your local library or bookstore
Go to where the readers are! Ask your librarian or bookseller if you can place a book club members wanted ad on their bulletin board or in their window. In your advertisement make sure you include information like when you meet and the types of books you tend to read. You can set up a general book club email account and ask anyone who is interested to contact you there. You can even plan to meet with your new members at a library or bookstore so the introductions happen in a comfortable and neutral space.

Set up a Facebook event page
Consider holding your next meeting in a public place like a park and then share the place, time, and book you’re reading through a Facebook event. Facebook events make it easy for existing group members to share meeting details with their friends and family on who might be interested in joining.

Send out a tweet
If you follow lots of bookish people on Twitter, finding potential members can be as simple as sending out a tweet! Compose a message announcing that your book club is looking to expand. Existing members can retweet the message and you can even set up an account dedicated to your club that readers can follow!

Branch out on Goodreads
Goodreads discussion pages are great for book clubs.  If you and your Goodreads friends have set up a book club on the site, you can all invite your bookworm friends to join. Go to your group’s page and in the right-hand corner, click on “Invite People.” From there you can send a message through Goodreads, Facebook, email, or other social media platforms!

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