Neil Gaiman, John Green, and 12 Other YA Authors We Love To Reblog

Neil Gaiman, John Green, and 12 Other YA Authors We Love To Reblog


If you’ve ever wanted to continue the reading experience by finding out more about a favorite book or character, your best bet is to see if that author has a Tumblr. Young adult authors (the creators of worlds, characters, and stories that we adore and obsess over) have flocked to the popular microblogging platform—keeping fans up-to-date on future projects and dishing out insider information from behind their writing desks. Here are 14 of our favorite YA authors’ Tumblrs, with a featured post from each.

Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman
Gaiman 2

Dickens day over, and it was really fun.

John Green
John Green

“You’ve given me gifts, dear Mr. Potter, so real and lasting that I can’t even really think of you as a fictional character anymore. Like so many other fans, I will carry you with me throughout my life — thinking of you not as a made-up character, but as an uncommonly generous friend.”

An excerpt from New York Times-bestselling author John Green’s letter to Harry Potter.

Laurie Halse Anderson
lauriehalseanderson 2

A sign that your airport is in Seattle. Books come before food and beer.

Kiersten White
Kiersten White

I have three books coming out this year

Kiersten White 2

Kiersten White 3

Kiersten WHite 4

Kiersten White 5

I think this covers it.

Cassandra Clare
Cassandra Clare

…What happens with Clary and Jace in CoFA and CoLS is thing that will never happen in real life, and teenage girls know that. They are not so stupid that they are going to read about a girl trying to rescue her boyfriend from being mind-controlled and decide that means an unhealthy relationship is desirable any more than they are going to read Lolita and decide they want to go on a road-trip with a middle-aged pedophile. Neither experience is presented as any fun, and while I strongly object to the fundamental idea that teens are parrots who copy any behavior that seems fun, I hope we can at least credit them with not wanting to emulate behavior that is no fun at all.

For a long time, growing up, I saw these kinds of messages about books being bad for you mainly coming from the far right — messages that said that teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to read books about characters who were gay/did drugs/got pregnant because they would immediately become gay, drug-addicted and pregnant. Now more and more I see this coming from the left as well — people who say that no one should read Laurie Anderson’s Speak because it is about rape and it might be triggering…

Holly Black
Holly Black
Holly Black 2
Holly Black 3

Merry merry.

Rainbow Rowell
Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell 2

Rainbow Rowell 3


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FUN. I especially like this Levi outfit.

Evan Roskos
Evan Roskos
Evan Roskos 2

When I was a teenager I didn’t understand Gay Pride parades. I was ignorant, by definition. No one explained the concept of dominant ideologies. No one I knew had experience with the intolerance, bigotry, hatred, and physical violence associated with LGBTQ rights. Despite knowing two openly gay people, older than myself, who would have discussed the issue if I had understood it was an issue to be discussed. Despite the fact that I eventually did have the conversations necessary to learn why there’s no Straight Pride parade, I’m sorry I didn’t simply have an open mind about the rights issue from an early age. I can blame family or school or whatever, but the fact is that if I don’t understand something now, I read and ask questions.

Sarah Dessen
Sarah Dessen
Sarah Dessen 2


Melissa de la Cruz
Melissa de la cruz

Blue Bloods Music Friday! Duchesne 2

  1. Back to Black- Amy Whinehouse
  2. When Did Your Heart Go Missing?- Rooney
  3. Someone Great- LCD Soundsystem
  4. No You Girls- Franz Ferdinand
  5. Empire State Of Mind- Jay-z
  6. Whatcha Say- Jason Derulo
  7. Bang Bang Bang-Mark Ronson
  8. POWER- Kanye West
  9. Rolling In The Deep- Adele
  10. Body of Work- The Mynabirds

Lisa Schroeder
lisaschroeder 2

Diary of a writer, 1/6/14

Maureen Johnson
Maureen Johnson


In recent years, I have developed a bit of a BEEF with winter. I always remember being a bit put off by dark winter nights (I’m fine with the days), but it took a while before I realized I REALLY didn’t like the short days. And last year I had some surgery in December and got a post-surgical infection in January, so I wasn’t really able to go out or do much for the two darkest months of the year…at which point I decided it was NONSENSE and started thinking about WHAT TO DO ABOUT WINTER. I started reading about it and making a PLAN. I know a lot of you feel the same, so here is my list of WINTER TIPS. Some of them are KNOWN THINGS and some are MY LITTLE IDEAS—20 WAYS TO HELP YOU DEAL WITH WINTER.

1. GO OUTSIDE. I work from home, and I have a rule in all seasons—I have to go outside at least one hour a day. I call it my SUNSHINE WALK, and it makes me a normal. If you stay inside all the time, you may become an INSIDE MONSTER. Go out and walk around and expose yourself to the actual sky as much as you can.


Margaret Stohl
margaretstohl 2

margaretstohl 3

margaretstohl 4

Kami and I created Link, Ridley, and Necro…as gingerbread people.

Kami Garcia
Kami Garcia

Kami Garcia 2

“Books are proof that humans can work magic.” #writing