Fall in Love: Autumn 2016’s Most Swoon-Worthy Romance Books

Fall in Love: Autumn 2016’s Most Swoon-Worthy Romance Books

What are the makings of your happily ever after? If it takes a rugged Marine to sweep you off your feet, you’ll love Marie Harte’s sexy romantic tale. Meanwhile, if you’d rather curl up with a dashing English spy, Tessa Dare has you covered. From the bustling streets of Bombay to the quiet Scottish Highlands, these novels will take readers all over the world in the pursuit of true love.


The Rebel Heir

Rebel with a cause

Ashley Claughbane’s family was left impoverished by Lord Rightsworth. Ash has sworn revenge and worked for years as a con artist, building up his skills until he felt ready to go after the man who ruined his family name. Undercover as the fictitious Lord Crosby, Ash travels to London and starts to put his plan in motion. Things are going smoothly until he runs into Lady Evangeline Green, Lord Rightsworth’s daughter. Before he realizes what’s happened, he’s fallen for her. Ash must decide if his lies and schemes are worth losing the woman of his dreams. Elizabeth MichelsSpare Heir series continues with a delightful tale of a swindler meeting his match in the form of a rebellious debutante.

On shelves: September 6


Discovery of Desire

The home my heart searched for so long

Seth Mayhew is an explorer for the East India Company, specializing in finding botanical specimens. He has yet to fail an assignment, though he fears that his luck may have run out. When his sister disappears on her way to India, Seth becomes determined to find her no matter what the cost. Along the way, he meets Minnie Adams, a single woman traveling to Bombay in search of a bureaucrat husband. When she sees Seth struggling to hunt down clues that might lead to his sister, she jumps in—learning more than he does by speaking to the wives and fiancées of the men he’s interviewing. Without a dowry and with six sisters to support, Minnie can’t let herself fall for Seth, and vows to leave him be once his sister is found. But Seth isn’t ready to let her go just yet.

On shelves: September 6

Her Renegade Rancher

I’ll cover you

Jennifer Ryan continues her Montana Men series with the love story of Colt Kendrick and Luna Hill. Waitress Luna is about to leave town for good when a friend passes away and leaves her with a sprawling ranch to call her own. Managing the land is a dream come true for Luna, though she may not have it for long. Her late friend’s family is determined to take the property away from her. Knowing she’s in over her head, Colt steps in to help and protect her. Though Luna wants to refuse—they’ve avoided each other for years after a scorching but forbidden kiss—she gives in and accepts. When Colt’s offer of protection results in him getting hurt, Luna starts to wonder if accepting the land was a mistake after all. Readers looking for a touch of mystery with their romance will love this one.

On shelves: September 20

Do You Want to Start a Scandal

Tryst in the library

When you see “scandal” in the title of a historical romance, you know you’re in for something good. At the Parkhurst Ball, it’s discovered that a couple has had a salacious rendezvous in the library. Rumors claim it was none other than Charlotte Highwood and Piers Brandon, but they’re completely innocent. Determined to find the true identity of the couple, rather than be forced to marry, Charlotte begins to search the estate. Piers, a spy for the Crown with secrets of his own to hide, has no choice but to join her. Tessa Dare has done it again, readers.

On shelves: September 27

A Change of Heart

I know the sound of your heart

Dr. Nic Joshi lost everything he loved in the blink of an eye when his wife Jen was killed after discovering a black market organ transplant ring in Mumbai. Nic left his job at Doctors Without Borders, and now spends his days as a cruise ship doctor. His nights are dedicated to drinking away his pain on the deck of the ship. It’s on one of those nights that he meets Jess Koirala, a woman who claims to have received Jen’s heart in a transplant. She says she has a message for Nic from Jen, and though he tries to brush her off, he can’t help but be drawn to her. Jess is determined to bring Jen’s murderers to justice, but she can’t do it alone. Sonali Dev gives readers a fast-paced tale filled with danger, grief, and hope that they won’t soon forget.

On shelves: September 27


The Brit and the businessman

Christina Lauren’s erotically-charged Beautiful Bastard series comes to a close in Beautiful. This final romance focuses on Jensen and Pippa, two characters readers briefly met earlier in the series. When readers first saw red-headed Pippa, she was working as an intern at a London engineering firm and encouraging her friend Ruby to follow her heart (and hormones). Intelligent, flirtatious, and unafraid to speak her mind, Pippa is the perfect match for Jensen, who is divorced and in need of reason to shun his responsibilities and let loose. But those won’t be the only familiar faces here; favorite characters from throughout the series will pop in to ensure that this finale ends with a bang. Named a top pick by Romantic Times, Beautiful is a must-read for fans as they eagerly await news of what this writing duo will bring next.

On shelves: October 4

Hero in the Highlands

Hostile territory

Highlander Fiona Blackstock isn’t about to let an Englishman saunter into her castle and claim it as his own. She doesn’t care that he’s inherited the estate, and she’s prepared to fight for it to stay within her clan. Major Gabriel Forrester didn’t want the land to begin with, and he’s just as shocked as she is when he learns that he now possesses a Highlands title and estate thanks to a distant relative. Gabriel would rather stay on the battlefield where he belongs, but he’s never been one to ignore his duties and so he travels north to his new land. The two clash instantly, but anger soon turns to a passion they can’t deny. If Gabriel can prove he’s worthy of running the castle, Fiona might just give him her heart along with her blessing to stay. Starred by both Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, this is essential reading for Scottish romance fans.

On shelves: October 4

Wind River Wrangler

Riding off into the sunset

The first book in Lindsay McKenna’s new series stars Roan Taggart and Shiloh Gallagher. After her mother’s murder, Shiloh left New York City to escape to the Wind River Ranch in Wyoming, hoping that getting away would help calm her nerves so she could start to write again. Roan picks up on Shiloh’s anxiety the moment he sees her, and he can’t help the way his protective instincts kicked into action. Though Shiloh is initially intimidated by Roan when he picks her up from the airport, before long they’re riding horses together and she’s letting her guard down. The more Roan gets to know Shiloh, the more determined he becomes to keep her safe from whatever threat she’s running away from. If you’re looking for a bit of suspense with your romance, you can’t go wrong with this pick.

On shelves: October 25

The Earl

Romance and justice for all

Colin and Emily were betrothed at birth, but the wedding never came to be. Emily now despises Colin, and has dedicated her life to producing pamphlets (under the name of Lady Justice, of course) that support women. But when her sister disappears without a trace, she has no choice but to ask for help finding her. This kicks off a wild journey through the Scottish Highlands where the two encounter a highway robber posing as Colin. Will the adventure allow them to bury past pains and learn to rely on each other once more? Or will it drive them apart for good? Publishers Weekly says it best when they call Katharine Ashe’s second Devil’s Duke novel a “rollicking page-turner.”

On shelves: October 25


A Sure Thing

Soldier on

All it takes is one stray bullet to end Landon Donnigan’s Marine Corps career. He misses his life in the military, but civilian life isn’t too bad. Landon doesn’t mind his new gig as a self-defense instructor at his local gym, and it’s great seeing his family more often. Still settling into his new life, the last thing he’s looking for is a serious relationship, but that’s all he can think about once he meets Ava. Dr. Ava Rosenthal is putting herself through the online dating ringer. She knows exactly what she wants (a slim, soft-spoken, bookish guy) and Landon doesn’t check any of her boxes. So why can’t she stop thinking about him? Kirkus calls Marie Harte “an author on the rise,” and we have to agree. Keep your eyes on this one, readers.

On shelves: November 1


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