Factor It In: Guides to Protecting Your Skin

Factor It In: Guides to Protecting Your Skin


The days are long and the rays are strong, and who doesn’t love a bit of beach time? Sadly, there’s no such thing as a free lunch: According to the American Cancer Society, there are more than 3.5 million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually, with many the direct result of poor sun protection (not to mention that “Jersey Shore” staple, indoor tanning). Even though many of us are more careful about sun exposure than ever, it still pays to know when to slather up and when to seek shelter. These books will have you covered.

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    1. The Skin Type Solution

    The first thing to know is what kind of skin you’re in. Miami Beach uber-dermatologist Leslie Baumann reveals the 16 types in her “Skin Type Solution,” and helps you tailor your regimen–including what kind of sun block, for there are many–so that you get maximum protection while you bronze

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    2. Skin Rules

    Debra Jaliman is a top New York dermatologist, having pioneered botox treatments for famous and not-so-famous alike (her client list is star-studded, if anonymous). She has also taught at Mount Sinai School of Medicine for 25 years, and is a skin cancer expert: Her book, “The Skin Rules,” delivers “trade secrets” in case you can’t afford to actually go see her.

  3. However well you try to protect your skin, it still gets a beating from the elements. “Extreme Makeover” stalwart Dr. Ava Shamban used her experiences on the show (for which she created a condensed version of her treatments) to inform her new book, “Heal Your Skin.”

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    4. Beating Melanoma

    To finish, a book with a title we all hope is the eventual outcome for all skin cancer sufferers: “Beating Melanoma.” Dr. Steven Wang, another leading specialist, offers advice from early detection, through what the pathology report means, to treatment and beyond.


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