How to Host a Dublin Murders Viewing Party

How to Host a Dublin Murders Viewing Party

Tana French fans, we know you marked your calendars long ago and the big day is nearly here! The TV adaptation of French’s beloved Dublin Murder Squad series, Dublin Murders, is coming to Starz on November 10. If you’re dying to celebrate the adaptation with your book club buddies, we’re right there with you. Steal our tips for hosting your very own Dublin Murders viewing party, and feel free to drop an invitation for the Bookish Editors in the mail. Kidding… kind of. 


Send killer invites
Aged paper is ideal for creating invitations. Close them up with a red wax seal, and add a few wax ‘blood’ spatters for a thrilling final touch.


Come as your favorite character
Are you a Cassie? More of a Rob? Tell your guests to come to the viewing party dressed as their favorite Tana French character. Bonus points for memorizing their backstory and making passing references to it in conversation!


Play a whodunnit game
Sporting events often have pre-game coverage, so why shouldn’t your viewing party also kick-off with a fun activity before the show starts? We’d recommend downloading a free murder mystery game, such as The Little Engine that Could Kill, and seeing which of your guests can solve the crime before showtime! 


Test your knowledge
Think you know everything about the Dublin Murder Squad? Test your knowledge and your friends’ with a literary trivia game. You can crowd-source questions from your book club members and have a blast competing to answer them correctly!


Bring themed snacks
With a nip in the air, nothing sounds better than curling up with a bowl of Irish stew. For those confident in the kitchen, consider whipping up mini stout pies. Then again, in the book Detective Ryan often opted for fast and easy when it came to food. Consider adding some Irish cheddar to your usual cheese spread or throw together a seasonally-appropriate Halloween snack mix and call it a day!

For dessert, serve a decadent Guinness chocolate cake with Baileys cream cheese icing. Add a few splatters of red food coloring to the top or a red icing drip to match the murder mystery theme.


Mix up a mysterious cocktail
When it comes to drinks, you could easily go for Irish classics like Guinness or Jameson. If cocktails are more your speed, we’d recommend this Black Magic drink from Supergolden Bakes, or take a spooky route with the bloody Vampire’s Weakness. Looking for a non-alcoholic option? Swap the booze in this recipe for your favorite sparkling seltzer and enjoy sipping this spooky concoction. For more fun, consider (carefully) adding dry ice to drinks to create an eerie fog!


Cast your vote
After your viewing party, ask your guests what they liked about the TV adaptation versus the books. You can even hold a vote and declare a winner at the end of the evening!


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