Functional and Fun Bullet Journal Ideas for Tracking Reading

Functional and Fun Bullet Journal Ideas for Tracking Reading

Bullet Journal

It’s January, meaning it’s the time of year that many of us resolve to get organized and work towards some of our long-term goals. A great way to keep track of progress on those goals is the bullet journal. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bullet journal pages that track some aspect of reading, such as reading challenges. Prepare to get organized and get reading. Your TBR pile won’t know what hit it.

Keep an eye on your chapter-by-chapter progress with this precise and pretty layout.

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Need to keep track of the series you hope to tackle? Never fear!


Keep notes on what you’re reading with this ingenious book reviews page.


Organize your reading goals on paper. When they look this cute, how could you not meet them?

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We can’t get over the beautiful design of this amazing TBR list.


Keep track of your progress on your reading goals, and stay inspired at the same time.


See how your reading list stacks up with this BuJo page.

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Is minimalism your style? Take your cues from this sleek, clean TBR list.


Need to gamify your TBR list? We love this bookish bingo card.

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This reading log has us starry-eyed.

Feeling inspired? Here are three bullet journals we’d recommend for readers looking to get creative with their reading goals.


  1. Very cool I wish I was that talented! I’m sticking to a readers journal because with my crappy handwriting I need all the help I can get!

  2. These ideas are fabulous, but sadly I’m not even slightly gifted at arty things. It would be great to have a piece about journaling for the artistically challenged. Are there ways of making a bookish planner, journal etc. look really lovely without being a naturally creative person? There must be others like me who would like to know. Anyway, it’s just a thought for a possible feature at some point. Many thanks Elizabeth.

    • I do something really similar to the book reviews page above, but without the drawings at the top and bottom. I also grab quotes from the book to help it stand out in my mind when I’m looking back over what I’ve read later.

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