Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful: Seven Tales of Being Snowbound

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful: Seven Tales of Being Snowbound

Forget the bread and milk! We know that the most important thing to have when you’re snowed in is a good book. We’ve done you one better and pulled together seven books about being snowed in. So heat up some hot cocoa or mull some wine and hunker down, because the fire is so delightful and so is sitting by it with a good book.

The Shining

Ah, what could be better than spending some quality family time in a luxurious hotel in a beautiful location? The answer is just about anything because when you check in to the historic Overlook Hotel, you can never leave. Especially when a huge storm comes and leaves you stranded with all of the scary ghosts from the hotel’s past. Of course, nothing’s scarier than what your own mind does to you when you are faced with solitude and writer’s block like Jack Torrance.  

Murder on the Orient Express

In our modern world of low-budget air travel and Uber, it’s romantic to envision traveling via a long-distance passenger train like the Orient Express. That is, unless you are Detective Hercule Poirot. Poirot, onboard the train headed toward London, ends up trapped when snow stops the train in its tracks, leaving him and all of the other passengers at the mercy of a murderer.

Ice Cold

Winter + Wyoming + snow = murder. At least this is true for medical examiner Maura Isles when she and her friends are stranded during a blizzard. With their SUV stuck, they seek refuge in a creepy nearby town where time seems to stand still and all the townspeople have vanished. Enter homicide detective Jane Rizzoli who, after receiving news that Maura has been killed, flies from Boston to investigate the crime and to learn the truth about the town and the fate of her friend.  


If you’re like us, then you probably are binging on Trapped. If you’ve already caught up and are itching for another isolated Icelandic setting, then Snowblind is for you. The narrative is set in a sleepy village where everyone knows everyone else and the only access to the outside world is through a mountain tunnel, which becomes blocked by an avalanche and blizzards.This claustrophobic book will make you think your own cabin fever is not so bad, as you follow rookie Ari Thór Arason as he tries to understand the event that left one person injured and unconscious and another one dead.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

The premise is familiar. Boy meets girl and they become an item and then boy brings girl home to meet the folks. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Instead of being psyched about how well things are going, the girl in question spends the trip wondering whether or not she should break up with the boy. Add to that a snowstorm and a deserted high school and you’ve got yourself a book creepy enough to keep your pulse racing from beginning to end. Speaking of endings, this one’s got a doozy.

The Mountain Between Us

The film adaptation of The Mountain Between Us features the swoon-worthy Idris Elba, which is enough to make you want to read the novel. Dr. Ben Payne and Ashley Knox are trapped at the Salt Lake City airport. Ashley’s getting married the next day and Ben has patients who need him. When he charters a plane and offers her a ride, she gladly accepts. Unfortunately, luck is not on their side and when their pilot suffers a heart attack, their plane crashes, and they are stranded in the snowy mountains. Though they survive the crash, they are still in grave danger. The weather remains brutal and no one knows they are missing. It’s not all bad, though, because ultimately they realize that they have each other.

Chill Factor

Snow is coming down hard in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina but all the townsfolk can focus on is the case of five missing women and the possibility that a serial killer lurks among them. Lilly Martin is on her way back to Atlanta when she loses control of her car and hits a pedestrian. As luck would have it, he’s a freelance writer she knows (and he’s not hard on the eyes). With the blizzard bearing down upon them, they are forced to wait out the storm together in his cabin. As Lilly tries to tend to his injuries, she learns that there is no way to reach anyone in the outside world. Not even her ex-husband, who is the chief of police in the town and has just learned that the killer the town is searching for might be the man his ex-wife is hunkered down with.  

Myfanwy Collins
Myfanwy Collins is a Massachusetts-based mother, writer, and reader. She has an MA in English Literature and has published two novels and a collection of short stories. As a young writer, her mentor told her that in order to be the best writer, she needed to first be the best reader. She continues to pursue her best-reader merit badge.


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