Update Your Reading Nook With These Fox-Themed Accessories

Update Your Reading Nook With These Fox-Themed Accessories


Foxes are undeniably cute: With their bushy tails and bright eyes, they’re one of our favorite animals here at Bookish. If your reading nook is in need of a refresh, why not decorate with some of these adorable fox-themed items? Whether you need a new candle, a mug, or just a bookmark, we’ve got the accessories you need to make your nook downright foxy.

Your book will look foxy in this orange and white booksleeve.

Read by the light of this adorable fox candle.

This cute fox is ready for fall, and he’s offering to keep your place for you. 

Make your reading nook even more relaxing with this fox-design pillow

These fox figurines love sitting on bookshelves and helping hold up your library.

Sip some soothing tea from this cozy mug.

And while you’re using your fox mug, why not steep one of these cuties in some hot water?

Reading Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox? We’ve got the perfect bag for toting it around.

Feel like drinking something a little stronger while reading? Pick up this stemless wine glass.

Searching for a pal to hold your reading glasses for a moment? Look no further.

This gorgeous pin will have you swishing your tail with delight.

If your feet get cold when you’re up late at night reading, you’ll love these cozy socks.

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