Milk and Nerdy Cookies: Fandom Treats to Leave for Santa

Milk and Nerdy Cookies: Fandom Treats to Leave for Santa

We have a sneaking suspicion that Santa’s as big a book lover as we are. So we pulled together cookie recipes especially for fans of our favorite books. Put on your apron, dear reader, and preheat your oven. Before you know it, Santa will be slipping down your chimney and diving into these delicious treats.

Santa won’t have to visit Hogsmeade to get a taste of this Butterbeer because Sensibly Sara has him covered.


We bet Leigh Bardugo had some of these cookies on her desk when she was writing Wonder Woman: Warbringer.


There’s nothing elementary about these adorable cookies from Baking Mischief.


Oops! We misread the recipe from Little Miss Nerd Chef and thought these were Santa’s favorite cookies.


We think these cookies are precious.


Rosanna Pansino’s recipes will transport Santa to the Lotus Casino from Percy Jackson.

You won’t have to tell Santa twice to eat these sweet treats from Diamonds for Dessert.


When all else fails, follow our example and find literary inspiration in a roll of gingerbread dough and the cookie cutters you already own.


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