Save My Spot: Adorable Bookish Bookmarks

Save My Spot: Adorable Bookish Bookmarks

Ah, bookmarks: the quintessential reading accessory. The right bookmark isn’t just handy, however—it can also be downright adorable. Here at Bookish, we consider ourselves true bookmark connoisseurs, and we’ve made some bookmarks that we can’t wait to use ourselves. These are our gift to you: Print them out, and get reading!

To thine own self be true.

Oh, bother. We simply can’t choose.

Hunker down by the fire with this bookmark and your favorite story.

We know that four eyes are better than two when it comes to reading.

We love this multitasking bookmark. It holds your place and your marginalia.

Books are like snowflakes: No two are alike.

All the best readers have the tallest TBR piles.

Finishing a book: sad. Jumping right into the next one: awesome.


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