Bookish Bookmarks 11.15.13

Bookish Bookmarks 11.15.13


Here are six bits of book news that got us talking around the Bookish office this week:

A Case for Letting Kids Read Books on Digital Devices by LeVar Burton for The Stir

Trapped Inside the Novel by Tim Parks for The New York Review of Books

That Was Then, This Is Now: S. E. Hinton in the Twitter Age by Jon Michaud for The New Yorker

The Most Important Lesson Schools Can Teach Kids About Reading: It’s Fun by Jeffery Wilhelm & Michael Smith for The Atlantic

Is there an ‘angst canon’ of books that teenagers read? by Tom Heyden for BBC News Magazine

Tired Metaphors? Ciao, Contestant! ‘Masterpiece,’ an Italian Reality Show for Writers by  Tom Rachman for The New York Times

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What have you seen in the news about books and reading recently that you found thought-provoking? Comment below and let us know!

This article originally appeared on Zola Books.


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