Bookish Book Club: our first meeting!

Bookish Book Club: our first meeting!

Around Bookish HQ, we talk about books all day long, but we never really sit down and talk about books, you know? So we thought it would be fun to have an office book club.

Today was our first meeting, and we read Paper Towns by John Green. He’s long been a favorite of many of our staff and he’s been toward the top of the list of our users’ most-“liked” authors since we launched, so we thought it would be the perfect choice to get a discussion going.

Over sandwiches and salads, we talked about this story of Quentin (or “Q”) and his long-simmering love/admiration for the literal girl next door, Margo Roth Spiegelman. Is she a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, or is the point that she is a most certainly not one? Was his quest to find her believable? Who did we sympathize with (Radar and Ben should get their own sequels)? Aren’t “paper towns”/copyright traps the most fascinating thing? Was this really a mystery (it won the 2009 Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Fiction)?

As in all good book club discussions, there was a lot of “Ohmigod I thought that too!” and “Oh, I felt the total opposite.” We discussed what makes a good book club book – moral ambiguity? Compelling and sympathetic characters? Strong plotting? All three, plus more?

We’ll meet again next month, but if you’d like to keep the conversation about Paper Towns going with us, add your comments/questions below! And if you’re new to John Green, read our author spotlight and let us know which one you’ll pick up first.


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