Paperback Protectors: Book Sleeve Gift Guide

Paperback Protectors: Book Sleeve Gift Guide

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a book nerd never leaves home without a book. But carrying a book in your backpack or purse leaves it vulnerable to damage. Have you had a cover bend or a page rip because it a book got jostled around in your bag? We’ve got the solution for you: book sleeves! Here, we’ve rounded up 18 of the most adorable book sleeves so your books will never get hurt again.


We solemnly swear that we are protecting our books.


Check out this pouch for your library finds.


A tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, beauty and the book sleeve.


Keep your books safe and hope these characters will survive Endgame.


Store your books here as you travel between Londons.


It’s bigger on the inside.


This one is pretty foxy.


You must say “Oooh, the claw” every time you take your book out of this sleeve.


Grab your paperback, your pooch, and your book pouch!


Let your book nerd flag fly with this sleeve that has a holder for your note-taking pen.


There’s no place safer for your book, except for Hogwarts.


This is the perfect book sleeve for bookworms.


This one is only prickly on the outside.


The Queen would totally approve of this book sleeve.

For your lazy reading days.

This one is for the coffee lovers who are also clumsy.


This book sleeve will take you to Neverland.


Spring has sprung and our TBR is waiting.


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