Book Giveaway: The Railwayman’s Wife by Ashley Hay

Book Giveaway: The Railwayman’s Wife by Ashley Hay

Earlier this month author Ashley Hay shared with our readers a list of important life lessons that she’s learned from books (like how to disappear and how to hitchhike through the galaxy). As an added treat, we’d like to give away Hay’s latest novel, The Railwayman’s Wife, to three lucky Bookish readers. All you need to do is tell us about a lesson you’ve learned from a book. Simple, right?

Check out the official book description and then enter below.

In 1948, in the strange, silent aftermath of war, in a town overlooking the vast, blue ocean, Anikka Lachlan has all she ever wanted—until a random act transforms her into another postwar widow, destined to raise her daughter on her own. Awash in grief, she looks for answers in the pages of her favorite books and tries to learn the most difficult lesson of all: how to go on living.

A local poet, Roy McKinnon, experiences a different type of loss. How could his most powerful work come out of the brutal chaos of war, and why is he now struggling to regain his words and his purpose in peacetime? His childhood friend Dr. Frank Draper also seeks to reclaim his pre-war life but is haunted by his failure to help those who needed him most—the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps.

Then one day, on the mantle of her sitting room, Ani finds a poem. She knows neither where it came from, nor who its author is. But she has her suspicions. An unexpected and poignant love triangle emerges, between Ani, the poem, and the poet—whoever he may be.

Written in clear, shining prose, The Railwayman’s Wife explores the power of beginnings and endings—and how difficult it can be to tell them apart. It is an exploration of life, loss, and what comes after, of connection and separation, longing and acceptance, and an unadulterated celebration of love that will break your heart open.

All prizes and samples are provided by Simon and Schuster.


  1. AMAZING BOOK! My FAVORITE by far and I am an Avid reader. NO SPOILERS! Definitely a powerful read regarding world relations and how we treat each other as neighbors, friends, relatives, grocery store meet and greets in the aisles when we see someone that just needs to hear have a nice day or assistance reaching an item from the lowest or highest shelf!?!

    The book gently reveals through simply reading the book, how a person can truly live a very POINT POSITIVE daily life in light of the challenges or negativities that life can contain at times.

    Read this book then follow it up by reading Three Cups of Tea.
    Another of my favorites that I could write an entire op-Ed about?

  2. A lesson that I’ve learned from a book: When I was in college, they didn’t teach much about women’s contributions to our history. Reading The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd taught me a lot about the history of the women’s movement and the abolitionist movement and the work of the Grimke sisters.

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