Book Giveaway: Bleeding Earth by Kaitlin Ward

Book Giveaway: Bleeding Earth by Kaitlin Ward

Just in time for Halloween, we’re giving away one copy of Kaitlin Ward’s gruesome apocalyptic novel, Bleeding Earth. Lea and her girlfriend Aracely are going about their normal lives when blood begins seeping out of the ground. As businesses and schools shut down and the blood continues to pour from the earth, Lea and Aracely must find a way to survive in this terrifying new world.

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Between Mother Nature and human nature, disasters are inevitable.

Lea was in a cemetery when the earth started bleeding. Within twenty-four hours, the blood made international news. All over the world, blood oozed out of the ground, even through the concrete, even in the water. Then the earth started growing hair and bones.

Lea wishes she could ignore the blood. She wishes she could spend time with her new girlfriend, Aracely, in public, if only Aracely wasn’t so afraid of her father. Lea wants to be a regular teen again, but the blood has made her a prisoner in her own home. Fear for her social life turns into fear for her sanity, and Lea must save herself and her girlfriend however she can.

For a chance to win a copy of Bleeding Earth, tell us which fictional character you’d want by your side during the apocalypse.

Prizes provided by Adaptive Books.

This giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who submitted the fictional character they’d like with them during the apocalypse. The four most popular answers were Albus Dumbledore, Katniss Everdeen, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes. The winner (who picked Katniss) will be notified by email.



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