The Perfect Type of Book Club for Your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Type of Book Club for Your Zodiac Sign

book clubs with zodiac signs

Are you looking for the perfect book club? We’re here to help. Here, we recommend twelve different styles of book clubs based on your zodiac sign. Read on to discover what the cosmos have to say about your book club destiny.


Aquarius: Silent Book Club

You enjoy taking risks and trying new things, but sometimes your shyness holds you back. We’ve found the best of both worlds for you: silent book clubs! It’s just like independent reading time from your early school years, and when the time is up, you get to mingle with other like-minded readers.

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Pisces: Adaptations Book Club

You are naturally artistic and love making connections with people, which is why you’ll love reading a book, watching its adaptation, and then discussing it with your group. This type of book club will be an escape from reality that you desperately need.

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Aries: Social Media Book Club

You love a fast-paced, dynamic conversation that only a discussion on social media can achieve. Your enthusiasm for reading will show in how engaged you are and how many comments you can write in the allotted book club time. But you will need to control your temper if the rest of the members don’t agree with you. Remember that discourse is what book club is for.

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Taurus: Celebrity Book Club

Taurus, you tend to be a workaholic and need an easy and low-maintenance format when it comes to book club. Since you appreciate having a reliable source for book recommendations, we’d recommend joining a celebrity book club. Try reading an Oprah book club selection each month and, if you want, you can join in the group’s online discussion to share your thoughts.

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Gemini: More Wine Than Books Club

You are a book lover who is always up for a good time, which is why a book club that doubles as a wine club is perfect for you. Your serious and more analytical side will enjoy discussing the book with friends, and once the wine starts flowing, you’ll be the life of the party.

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Cancer: BFF Book Club

You prefer small groups made up of genuine friends you can trust, which is why you should create your own book club with people you know and love. Book club will be your much needed creative outlet, and surrounded by close friends, you can feel safe to express all of your opinions.

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Leo: Workplace Book Club

You’re a natural leader and enjoy being social, which is why a workplace book club is perfect for you. You’re passionate about your career and about books, making this a great way for you to build a sense of community with your colleagues. You’ll keep everyone on task and skillfully lead the discussions.

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Virgo: Buddy Read Book Club

You love the idea of a book club, but you’re a little shy when it comes to sharing your opinions with a big group. You would excel in a buddy-style club where you and a friend read a book together. This removes the pressure of having a serious and structured discussion, but still allows you to think deeply about what you’re reading. Plus, you know your close friend will value your take on the story.

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Libra: Bookstore or Library Book Club

You’re happiest in a large group of people, but don’t want to be responsible for running the show. You’d fit in well at book clubs hosted by your local library or indie bookstore! Leave the planning to the professionals, and take the opportunity to meet new people and share your unique perspective on the book being discussed.

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Scorpio: Genre Book Club

You are deeply passionate when it comes to your interests, which is why you would thrive in a genre-specific book club. When you like something, you like to research everything there is to know about it and you’re definitely an expert on your favorite genre. You’ll lead great conversations, and you’ll feel right at home among other avid fans.

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Sagittarius: Goodreads Book Club

You’re always traveling and enjoy your freedom, which is why a virtual book club is perfect for you. You can participate from your phone and chat with all of your new book club friends from all around the world.

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Capricorn: Read-Along Book Club

You crave structure and love analyzing the smallest details of a book, which is why you would thrive in a read-along style book club where you discuss a book section by section every week. You’re likely to lead the conversation because you took copious notes, and you’re up to the task of keeping everyone on the reading schedule.

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