How To Make a Playlist for Your Book Club Meeting

How To Make a Playlist for Your Book Club Meeting

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The worst sound at a book club meeting? Crickets. But a thoughtfully curated playlist will be music to your ears. Playlists can add a nice ambiance to your book club meetings and can even deepen your appreciation for the book your group is discussing. Read on for some tips to consider as you make a book club playlist.


Keep it low key

You don’t want your playlist to distract from the whole point of your book club: the conversation! Think about songs that can play in the background rather than show-stopping tunes that demand a lot of attention. Keep an eye on the volume, too.


Think about flow

You don’t want three power ballads in a row; you don’t want three sad songs in a row. You want your playlist to ebb and flow like the plot of a great novel. Think about the order of the songs on your playlist and create a nice flow from one song to the next. 


Variety is king

There are instances where a single-genre or single-artist playlist might make sense, but in general, you’ll have more fun if you include a fun mix of styles and bands. Consider limiting yourself to one or two songs from a given artist, and challenge yourself to include songs from multiple genres.


Draw inspiration from the book

Base your playlist on your book club’s latest read! The songs can touch on the same themes, come from the same part of the world or time period, or simply capture the general feeling of the book. For some examples based on specific books, check out our Kelly’s Pick playlists!


Get social

Ask your book club members to suggest the songs they’d like to hear during your next book club meeting. This works even better if your friends like to listen to different music than you do; you’re likely to wind up with a much more interesting playlist.


Give it a test drive

Give your playlist a listen from start to finish at least once before the meeting. This way you’ll be able to spot any songs you’d like to remove or switch around. It’ll also be a fun preview of what’s sure to be a great meeting!


Check out Bookish’s Spotify station for fun book-themed playlists!

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