How to Take a Book Club Break

How to Take a Book Club Break

book club break

Summer is here, and chances are some members of your book club are planning to travel this season. Whether they’re getting away for a quick weekend or going on a longer adventure, travel can interfere with your regular book club meeting schedule. There’s a simple solution: Take a break! Think of this as a summer vacation for your book club. Read on for tips!


Don’t force it

Acceptance is the first step! It’s okay to take a break, and much easier than juggling conflicting schedules over the summer. Book club will be waiting for you once you and your friends are all back in town.


Communicate early and often

The real risk in taking a break is that communications might break down and it might be hard to get started again. You can head off that problem by communicating with members early about the club’s break, and sending regular updates during the hiatus to keep everyone in the loop.


Keep reading

Just because your book club isn’t meeting regularly for a set period of time doesn’t mean you should give up on reading. Keep those pages turning, and who knows–you might even find the next great book that your club will love!


Stay in touch

You don’t need to have formal meetings to chat with your friends about what you’ve been reading lately. Encourage members of your group to stay in touch about what they’re reading and loving during the break.


Come back with ideas

A break is a great time to think about what’s working in your book club, and what isn’t. You just might come back to your club with fresh new ideas about how to make your meetings even better.


Make a plan to reconnect

Don’t leave your members hanging! Make firm plans to resume your regular book club meetings once everyone is back in town, and remind members several times over the course of the break. You’ll come back refreshed and excited to dive back in!

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