How to Book Club on a Budget

How to Book Club on a Budget

book club on a budget

Book club meetings don’t have to break the bank. Sure, snacks and brand new hardcover books can run up quite a tab, but you have other options! Read on for suggestions that will keep your book club on a budget. Your fellow members and your wallet will thank you.

Check Out the Library
Libraries are a great resource, and a fantastic way to read books for free. The only problem your group may run into is that if your members all belong to the same library, there might not be enough copies for everyone. You can take turns reading the copies available if there are no other holds. You can also try using Overdrive for ebooks or audiobooks. We recommend that you talk to your librarian about future book club titles and request copies in advance.

Buy Used
Your local used bookstore, Goodwill, Ebay, and other online sellers often have used copies of books for a fraction of the cost. Or checkout bargain book websites like Book Outlet.

Try Potluck
Buying food for all of your friends can get expensive. Why not spread out the cost among all members of the group by asking everyone to bring a favorite dish to the next meeting? You’ll have fun sampling everyone’s treats.

Hold a Backlist Book Club
Backlist titles are usually easier to find for a discounted price, and they’re often available in paperback. Need some help getting started? Check out our recommendations for backlist book club picks here.

Try Ebooks
If you have an e-reader, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily read a book club pick as an ebook. Ebooks are typically much cheaper than their print counterparts and they’ll save you space on your shelves. You can still take notes and highlight lines within most e-reading apps.

Go Round Robin
Short on copies? You can try sharing one book and passing it from one  book club member to another like the jeans in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The group can split the cost of the one book and come together to discuss it as a group after everyone has finished reading.

Lose the Booze
It can be nice to sip a glass of wine while chatting with your book club, but booze can be one of the most expensive items to buy for a meeting. You and your friends can curl up and relax with a cup of tea instead!

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