Five Great Book Club Books for Foodies

Five Great Book Club Books for Foodies

book club books for foodies

Cookbooks are fun and useful, but there are so many other kinds of books out there for foodies. If your book club is interested in dipping a toe into the culinary arts and isn’t sure where to start, we’ve got some ideas. Check out these five great book club books for foodies in a variety of genres.

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Genre: Nonfiction

About: Anthony Bourdain’s beloved book about the restaurant world is a classic for a reason. Readers get a peek into what goes on in the kitchens at restaurants and meet some of the big personalities Bourdain encountered there.

What It’ll Leave You Craving: Garlic, but not if it is frozen or in a jar. As Bourdain famously writes in this book: “Too lazy to peel fresh? You don’t deserve to eat garlic.”

American Dreamer by Adriana Herrera

Genre: Romance

About: Nesto Vasquez owns an Afro-Caribbean food truck that has turned into a local hotspot. One day, librarian Jude Fuller stops by for a taste. Then, their romance begins to sizzle.

What It’ll Leave You Craving: Delicious Afro-Caribbean food like pernil, majarete, and pasteles

Aunty Lee’s Delights by Ovidia Yu

Genre: Mystery

About: Travel to Singapore and meet Rosie Lee, a widow who decides to direct her spare time and energy into her restaurant: Aunty Lee’s Delights. Then, a murder stirs up some drama.

What It’ll Leave You Craving: “Amazing Achar” (which you’ll find a recipe for at the back of the book) as well as other Singaporean classics like chili crab and mantou buns

Bloom by Kevin Panetta and illustrated by Savanna Ganucheau

Genre: Young Adult

About: This graphic novel follows the story of Ari, a recent high-school graduate who works in his family’s bakery. He has big plans to leave town with his band, but a cute new employee at the bakery might change his mind.

What It’ll Leave You Craving: All of the bread

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

Genre: Fiction

About: Tess is fresh out of college and trying to make it in New York City. She begins work at a famous high-end restaurant where she encounters fabulous food and new friends.

What It’ll Leave You Craving: Oysters, duck, and whatever else your favorite NYC restaurant serves up


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