13 Poetry Collections to Get Excited About In 2018

13 Poetry Collections to Get Excited About In 2018

Here at Bookish, we love to read

and now that it’s spring, we’re filled with glee.

National Poetry Month is finally upon us,

and these 2018 poetry collections are momentous.

So grab your favorite comfortable chair,

and grab one of these books—or even a pair!

National Poetry Month may be the reason,

but poetry, of course, is always in season!

On Shelves Now

Virgin by Analicia Sotelo

The author: Analicia Sotelo is a debut author and the first winner of the Jake Adam York Prize.

The collection: In this collection, Sotelo writes about what it is to be a woman, both on a personal and societal level.

Sneak peek:Death Wish

Registers of Illuminated Villages by Tarfia Faizullah

The author: Poet Tarfia Faizullah won a Fulbright award to do research in Bangladesh. There, she spoke with women known as the Birangona, who were raped by Pakistani soldiers in the early 1970s.

The collection: This is Faizullah’s second collection, and it touches on themes as disparate as violence and love.

Sneak peek: 100 Bells

Wade in the Water by Tracy K. Smith

The author: Tracy K. Smith is the United States poet laureate and won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012.

The collection: The past and present commingle in this collection that addresses race and American identity.

Sneak peek: “Unrest in Baton Rouge

The Undressing by Li-Young Lee

The author: Li-Young Lee is inspired by classical Chinese poetry and lived in Indonesia as a young child before moving to the United States with his parents (who were political exiles from China).

The collection: Searching for a book that mines themes of intimacy with gorgeous language? Look no further.

Sneak peek: The Undressing

Brown by Kevin Young

The poet: Kevin Young is a prolific writer and the poetry editor of The New Yorker.

The collection: Brown is organized around the color brown, and melds history, politics, and culture.

Sneak peek: Money Road

Not Here by Hieu Minh Nguyen

The poet: Hieu Minh Nguyen is a performer and poet who writes about identity and trauma.

The collection: Not Here reckons with family, sexuality, and his Vietnamese heritage vividly and memorably.

Sneak peek: Cockfight

Wild Is the Wind by Carl Phillips

The poet: Carl Phillips has written more than a dozen books and served as Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets.

The collection: This book is named after a popular jazz standard and touches on the importance of the past.

Sneak peek:Wild Is the Wind

Take Me With You by Andrea Gibson

The poet: Andrea Gibson uses their art to delve into big questions about sexuality and gender.

The collection: The poems in this volume are complemented by drawings by Sarah J. Coleman.

Sneak peek: Read an excerpt here

Coming Later This Year

Junk by Tommy Pico

The poet: Tommy Pico grew up on the Viejas Indian reservation, and is a co-curator of the Poets With Attitude series.

The collection: Junk is a book-length poem and the final installment in the Teebs trilogy.

Sneak peek: Read an excerpt here

On shelves: May 8

American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin by Terrance Hayes

The poet: Terrance Hayes is a National Book Award winner and writes prose with a musical quality.

The collection: This book contains 70 poems, each titled “American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin.”

Sneak peek: Read an excerpt here

On shelves: June 19

If They Come For Us by Fatimah Asghar

The poet: Fatimah Asghar co-created the web series Brown Girls, which was nominated for an Emmy.

The collection: Asghar’s poems tackle what it’s like to be Muslim, Pakistani, orphaned, and female in this day and age.

Sneak peek: For Peshawar

On shelves: August 7

Three Poems by Hannah Sullivan

The poet: Hannah Sullivan is fascinated by the process of revision, and has written a book on the subject.

The collection: Three Poems is Sullivan’s debut collection, and contains three long poems.

Sneak peek:You, Very Young in New York

On shelves: September 15

The Flame by Leonard Cohen

The poet: Leonard Cohen, who passed away late last year, was an acclaimed songwriter, singer, novelist, and poet.

The collection: The Flame contains Cohen’s last writings before his death, and includes lyrics, poems, and other work.

Sneak peek: Lyrics to You Want It Darker

On shelves: October 2