Best Author Interviews of 2013

Best Author Interviews of 2013

Choosing a favorite interview is about as impossible as picking a favorite book, but we’ve powered through and pulled together a list of Zola’s six most popular interviews of 2013. Ranging from Meg Cabot to John Scalzi, these authors took us beyond the book and into their lives by sharing their passionate views about violence in literature, near death experiences, and complete changes in identity. If you’re still itching for more, click the follow button on their author page to see updates in your Zola feed!

Lauren Beukes author photoThe Shining Girls book cover“They’re Empty. They’re Broken. They’re Pathetic.”
The Shining Girls lit up the summer of 2013, but Lauren Beukes wants readers to remember the girls and not the killer. Meticulous plotting, a murder wall in her home, and hours spent pouring over real cases led Beukes to creating victims with honest voices and a killer lacking the charm of TV’s fictional psychopaths. More >

Isaac Marion author photoThe New Hunger book cover“A Primer For What’s Coming.”
Isaac Marion explains why The New Hunger, the prequel to his bestselling novel Warm Bodies, is essential reading and shares exclusive details on the in-the-works sequel. More >

Caroline Leavitt author photoIs This Tomorrow book cover“I Was Not Going To Make It.”
Bestselling author Caroline Leavitt discusses the near-fatal illness that shaped her new novel Is This Tomorrow, about the lives affected when a boy goes missing in 1950s suburbia. More >

John Scalzi author photoRedshirts book coverTrekkie Approved
Bestselling sci-fi author John Scalzi discusses his Hugo-nominated Star Trek send-up Redshirts and why he’s excited for this summer’s newest entry in the famous film franchise. More >

Meg Cabot author photoAwaken book cover“So Goth Yet Hopeful.”
Meg Cabot reveals why she chose the myth of Persephone as the inspiration for her bestselling Abandon trilogy—which draws to a close in the recently released novel Awaken. More >

Mitch Moxley author photoApologies to My Censor book cover“A Chance To Re-Invent Yourself.”
When the author of Apologies to My Censor left Toronto for Beijing, he also left Mitch Moxley for Tall Rice, journalism for live date-shows, and the routine of a local for the wild life of an expat. More >

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