Six Alpha Heroes that Make Brenda Jackson Swoon

Six Alpha Heroes that Make Brenda Jackson Swoon

Alpha men dominate (pun intended) the romance scene. They’re strong, in control, and ready to do whatever it takes to protect the ones they love. Alphas take on many roles in the romance genre (everything from Duke to biker), but one of the more popular jobs is bodyguard. Brenda Jackson’s Protector series features a number of powerful men assigned to protect women who find themselves in serious danger. The first two novels in the series, Forged in Desire and Seized by Seduction, are on shelves now. In honor of their publication, Jackson rounded up a list of some of her personal favorite alpha men in romance.

I love alpha men: the strong, daring, take charge, I-will-kick-your-butt-if-you-mess-with-my-woman type male who loves deeply, although at first he’s reluctant to do so. I feature strong men like that in my Protectors series. They’re tough as nails, but once their heart is tamed they will love a woman to madness and cherish her forever. Several alpha men have captivated me over the years. Here’s a list of my favorite six.

Brandon Birmingham

The Flame and the Flower was one of the first historical romances I read, and I was so captivated by the hero, Brandon Birmingham, I named one of my sons after him.

Chase Jefferson

Chase definitely wasn’t the marrying kind until a woman captured his heart. I loved Chase’s strength and the brimming romance and passion he had for Cara Lee. I don’t want to admit to how many times I’ve read this novel.

Wolf MacKenzie

All I can say is what a man, what a man, what a man. This is another novel that I’ve read over and over, and each time I end it on an exhilarating sigh.  Wolf was his own man and was determined to protect the woman he loved.

Justin Blade

Part Comanche, part gambler, and all man is how I like to describe Justin. I fell in love with Justin so much that I named the hero from my very first book, Tonight and Forever, after him.

Jackson Savor

Lori Foster writes about so many wonderful alpha men that it is hard to pick one as my favorite. But the one that quickly comes to mind is Jackson Savor, from Lori Foster’s novel, Savor the Danger. An alpha male hero combined with hot, edgy romance will work for me every time.

Sir Drake Warren

Sir Drake Warren, the hero of my novel, The Midnight Hour is a kick butt first and ask questions later kind of guy who stole my heart. I fell in love with him the moment he popped into my head, and I couldn’t leave him out.

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Brenda Jackson has written over 100 novels and has over ten million in print. She loves writing about Alpha males and is excited about her new Protector Series. Book one in the series, Forged in Desire, introduces Striker Jennings who is hired to protect heiress Margo Connelly. Chemistry and passion explodes and readers discover that the difference between a bodyguard and a protection is Striker. He is strong enough to protect her and bold enough to love her. Order your copy of Forged in Desire today and find out how private security just got a whole lot more personal. You can learn more about Brenda’s other books at


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