Alex Gordon’s Favorite Cold Weather Reads: Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, and More

Alex Gordon’s Favorite Cold Weather Reads: Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, and More

The first day of spring has come and gone, and yet a stubborn chill remains in the air, causing us to cling to our scarves and heavy coats when we’d rather trade them in for short sleeves and sundresses. Until the weather catches up with the season, Gideon author Alex Gordon has named a few of her favorite cold weather reads to keep us occupied: four for when you’re leaning into the winter and two to encourage dreams of warmer times and places.


Written in Red

This is the first novel in The Others series. It takes place in winter, which you learn over the course of the story is much more than a mere consequence of the Earth’s rotation and revolution.



As a Discworld book, Hogfather is about many things, but mostly it is a tale in which Death takes over the role of the Hogfather—the Discworld’s version of Santa—for reasons.


The Shining

This is almost a knee-jerk addition, but what can I say? It’s the classic snowbound inn tale.


Mirror Dance

Mirror Dance is a later entry in the Miles Vorkosigan saga. It’s filled with both light and grit, as is usual for this series, and there’s a Winterfair Ball at the end. I like books that end with a party.



This is one of my favorite entries in the Discworld series. Much of the story takes place in the desert country of Klatch, and there’s a wonderful image of one of the characters surfing across the sands on his shield.


The Disorderly Knights

The third in the six-volume series about Francis Crawford of Lymond. Much of the story takes place on the island of Malta, and the descriptions have always stayed with me. You will feel the sand in your shoes, your underwear, your everywhere.

Alex Gordon resides in Illinois. She is currently developing her next thriller and is having too much fun doing research. When she isn’t working, she enjoys watching sports and old movies, running, and playing with her dog. She dreams of someday adding the Pacific Northwest to the list of regions where she has lived.


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