How to Adjust to a Growing Book Club

How to Adjust to a Growing Book Club

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Is your book club getting popular? Do you find yourself welcoming additional members nearly every month? If so, congratulations! Your book club is growing, and your meetings have more book lovers in attendance than ever. There are some adjustments you can make to ensure that your meetings remain as lively, fun, and inclusive as possible. Read on for tips about adjusting for a growing book club!


Reconsider the venue
Have you been meeting in your members’ living rooms? As your club grows, this might get more difficult as seating will be limited. Consider hosting your next meeting in a park or at a bar or restaurant so you won’t have to cram 20 eager readers into your home. You can also see if there’s space at your local library!


Keep snacks simple
Sure, when there were five people in your book club, you could text the group and see what everyone wanted from Chipotle. But now that you’ve hit double-digits in terms of membership, that doesn’t work so well anymore. Simple snacks like chips and dip make serving a big group a snap.


Structure the conversation
With a big group, it’s important to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak and that the conversation doesn’t get too hectic. Make a plan to make sure everyone contributes: You can start by having each member give their overall impressions of the book. You can also experiment with having a club member moderate the meeting.


Keep an eye on the clock
Large book club meetings can easily run long. Set a start time and an ending time for every meeting to ensure that they stay manageable. We find 60 to 90 minutes is perfect for most meetings.


Ask for feedback
As your book club grows, it’s good to keep tabs on how the meetings are working for your members. Invite your book club to submit suggestions or feedback after meetings so that your group can continue to improve.

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