A Sneak Peek at Shantaram Sequel The Mountain Shadow

A Sneak Peek at Shantaram Sequel The Mountain Shadow


It was announced today that the long-awaited sequel to Gregory David RobertsShantaram is coming to us October 13, 2015. Ten years in the making, The Mountain Shadow picks up two years after the events of the first book, and Bookish readers have the exclusive opportunity to preorder the ebook below.

If you are not one of the four million readers who devoured Shantaram, the novel is loosely based on the author’s own dramatic life and years on the run as Australia’s most wanted man. Lindsey Ford (Lin), the protagonist, escapes a maximum security prison and makes his way to the slums of Bombay, where he sets up a free health clinic, falls in love with an enigmatic Swiss-American woman, joins a Muslim gang, and begins to understand that he wants to become the “man of peace” that some of his friends believe him to be—Shantaram. 

We’re excited to see familiar faces like Karla and Abdullah return in The Mountain Shadow, though the sequel promises to be filled with new places and people. The story once again takes inspiration from Roberts’ life, mingling violent and pulse-pounding adventures with tender and wise moments of humanity as Lin searches for love and redemption.

Until we can actually get our hands on the book, we’ll have to survive off of this exclusive quote from The Mountain Shadow:

“Fear is a wolf on a chain, only dangerous when you set it free. Sorrow exhausts itself in the net of forgetting. Anger, for all its fury, can be killed by a smile. Only hope goes on forever, because hope doesn’t belong to any one of us: it belongs to the first few hundred, our ancestors, whose brave love for one another gave us most of the good that we are.

And hope, that ancient seed, redeems the heart it feeds. The heartbeat of any conscious now is poised on the same choice that hope gives all of us, between shadows of the past, and the bright, blank page of any new day.”

And, if the cover is any indication, the book will be a bold and memorable read.


The image in the center is a Kali yantra, a Hindu symbol that is visualized during meditation to channel spiritual thoughts. While we have not yet read a single page of this tome, the striking cover does give us a few ideas as to what may be in store for readers. If you’ll allow us to speculate…

Kali is a goddess of destruction, but she can also represent creation and healing. As a former drug addict who is seeking a more peaceful life, it seems as though this novel could show Lin’s rebirth as he sheds his former self and finds the spiritual guidance he needs. The Kali yantra also invokes themes of survival and, at worst, death. If nothing else, we know that the goddess Kali represents a path that isn’t easy, meaning readers are surely in store for a dramatic read.

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  1. His new book is never coming out! It is so long overdue I am giving up on his handlers. For some reason they do not want The Mountain Shadows released. There is nothing on the internet about this fiasco!

  2. Mid October, have a little faith, I, like most have waited for ten years for this moment…regards michael

  3. This time I think it will. Haven’t advanced copies already gone out to reviewers?
    The book actually exists now….I understand the sentiment though. Its a long wait especially when the first book was just about the best thing Ive read. Lets hope it’s worth the wait.
    Greg Roberts must feel so much pressure to deliver another Shantaram.

  4. Hi guys – I final got the book! Have you? I went to 5 bookstores. Anyway, it sounds like you guys are fans. I absolutely loved Shantaram. so full of intrigue and history of India. Mountain Shadow real good so far. I am on page 124. Let me know what you guys think : )

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