9.28.12 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web

9.28.12 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web


1. Cute alert! An Etsy seller is creating unique pieces of jewely by using miniature versions of popular books. (Image via)

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2. Entertainment Weekly has hilariously combined your favorite children’s books with your must-see adult TV shows. Something about seeing the Crawley sisters from “Downton Abbey” on a “Sweet Valley High” cover just feels so right.

3. “When I came into your life your life was over. It had a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is the end.” That is a line from relentless killer Anton Chigur in Cormac McCarthy‘s “No Country for Old Men.” Check out more evil lines in literary history from ShortList.

4. Reuters photographer Andy Clark snapped a beautiful photo essay of a 50-year-old used bookstore in downtown Vancouver. Just imagine browsing the maze of narrow aisles and smelling that one-of-a-kind book smell.

5. The reviews of J.K. Rowling’s first adult novel, “The Casual Vacancy,” are mixed to say the least. The notoriously harsh Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times calls it “willfully banal” and “depressingly clichéd,” while Rowling-fan Lev Grossman at Time says it is a “magnificently eloquent novel of contemporary England.”

6. In honor of National Punctuation Day, The Atlantic Wire asked a handful of writers to reveal their all-time favorite punctuation mark. Bestselling young adult writer R.L. Stine is partial to the em-dash, while author Miles Klee just loves … an ellipsis.

7. Is Anne Rice bringing Lestat back? Rice asked her Facebook fans to tell her in one sentence why she should revisit the notorious vampire. Perhaps one of the over 8000 responses will be just the inspiration she needs.

8. The National Book Foundation announced its “5 Under 35 honorees this week. Take a look at Stuart Nadler, Haley Tanner and more of the best young fiction authors writing today.

9. If you were a fan of the “The Baby-Sitters Club” as a kid, then you’re going to want to read these imagined text messages from Kristy, Claudia and the rest of the gang.

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