8 Reasons to Start a Book Club

8 Reasons to Start a Book Club

1. Reading makes you smarter
No matter what book your book club decides to read, spending a few hours each week immersed in a book will do your mind some good.

2. Book discussion can be therapeutic
Delving deep into complicated characters and twisty storylines gives you an opportunity to contemplate your own challenges and demons.

3. It’s cheap fun
Ebooks, used bookstores and libraries have made it easier to find virtually any title at a low cost or no cost at all.

4. Become more interesting
A passion for books is appealing to potential love interests, and it will surely give you something to chat about on any first date.

 5. Food and drinks are encouraged
Book discussions can be easily paired with a meal at your favorite restaurant or with a six-pack of your favorite microbrew.

6. Your employer will be impressed
Whether you add this activity to your Linkedin profile or chat about your latest book club read at the watercooler, your boss will surely admire your bookish ways.

 7. You’ll grow your cultural cred
From the classics and contemporary favorites, your growing knowledge of everything from Proust to John Green will wow friends.

8. Reading fiction can make you more empathetic
According to this 2009 study, readers exposed to works of fiction demonstrated stronger empathetic abilities.


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