8 Easy Tricks that Help You Make Time for Reading

8 Easy Tricks that Help You Make Time for Reading


The sun sets so early in the winter that it truly does make us feel as though the day has fewer hours in it. Many bibliophiles out there would love to find time to squeeze in more books, but they feel as though their days are just too packed. Well, with a few clever swaps, we think even the busiest of bees can find the time during the day to read. Check out our tips and let us know if you have any others.

Always carry a book with you
I think carrying a physical book is a great way to remind yourself of your goal, although ebooks are great, too. You’d be surprised at how many times you find yourself with a few spare minutes. Maybe you’re waiting for the train, at the doctor’s office, or your date is late to dinner. Instead of continuously hitting refresh on your Facebook page, pull out your book and get to reading.

I’m serious, carry one everywhere
Yes, I’m making this point twice. Put a book in your glove compartment, have one at the office, make sure one is within reach while you’re lying in bed. Why? Because when you happen to finish that book you’ve been carrying around with you, it’s great to have a backup.

Move on
Life is too short to read books that don’t interest you. The first step to reading more is to make sure you enjoy what you’re reading. If you’re still struggling with books you can’t get into, we’ve got a list of tips here to break even the worst of reading slumps.

Come up with a list
Goals should be measurable, so if your goal is to read more, figure out which books you’d most like to read and start with them. By picking titles you’re excited about, you’ll actually want to find time to squeeze them in throughout the day.

Make commuting fun
Stop playing Candy Crush on the subway and instead dive into that big novel everyone is talking about. If you drive, listen to an audiobook (yes that counts!). Some days you need to just zone out as you travel, but most of the time a book is going to make the trip much more enjoyable—you may even look forward to it.

Read on your lunch break
The majority of Americans stay at their desks throughout their lunch break, and many simply continue working while they eat. Instead of continuing to be a part of that unhealthy cycle (we’re guilty of it, too), step away from your desk and bring a book with you. Go outside if it’s nice or grab a seat at your favorite lunch spot and enjoy an uninterrupted 30 minutes of reading.

Work out your brain
Hitting the treadmill? Listen to a fast paced thriller. Taking it easy on the elliptical? Swap the magazine you picked up for a sizzling romance. If you dread going to the gym, a great read can make the experience better by distracting you. Plus, a well-placed book can cover up the workout machine’s display so you don’t spend your 30 minutes of cardio staring at the elapsed time.

Read before bed
This is a tough one. It’s so tempting to fling yourself onto the bed and let Netflix take over your night. You probably know that studies have proven that shutting off your electronics an hour before bed helps you sleep better, and we dare you to try it out for just one week. You’ll sleep better, you’ll read more, and you’ll love your new nightly routine.

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