8 Awesome Benefits of Being in a Book Club

8 Awesome Benefits of Being in a Book Club

benefits of joining a book club

Here at Bookish, we are big fans of book clubs. There’s so much to love about getting together with friends on a regular basis to chat about reading. If you still need a little convincing, we’re up to the task. Read on for eight benefits of joining a book club!

You’ll have fun

It’s a fact. Book clubs are awesome. Who doesn’t love meeting up with fellow bookworms, enjoying some snacks, and discussing the written word?

You might live longer

This one is hard to beat: Being in a book club can help extend your lifespan.

You’ll deepen your friendships

Get to know your friends better by learning about their taste in books. You can tell a lot about someone by discussing a novel with them, and we bet it’ll bring you closer.

You’ll be in the know

Feeling out of touch when it comes to what people are reading? Book club is a great way to keep up with new releases and book world news.

You can stay sharp

There’s lots of evidence that reading has all sorts of benefits for your brain. Joining a book club can help you stay motivated to read and reap those benefits.

You’ll meet new people

Is your social network a little light on bookworms? Never fear! Join a book club and you’re guaranteed to meet readers.

You’ll get to do some genre hopping

Reading in your favorite genre is fun, but it’s not going anywhere. Joining a book club is likely to push you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new kinds of books you just might love.

You can share your favorites

One of the most rewarding things as a reader is when you get to share something you love with others. Book clubs let you introduce others to your faves. What could be better than that?

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