7 Horrifying Recommendations from Broken Monsters Author Lauren Beukes

7 Horrifying Recommendations from Broken Monsters Author Lauren Beukes

You know The Shining’s Room 237 like the back of your hand, and you’ve visited Hill House more times than you can count. If you’re looking for new thrills this Halloween, Lauren Beukes knows just where to start. We recommended her dark and unputdownable crime novel Broken Monsters in our Fall preview, and now she has a few recommendations of her own for readers looking to be spooked this Halloween.

  1. 9780316242905

    1. The Three by Sarah Lotz

    Lotz spins a sprawling mystery out of four plane crashes that happen simultaneously across the world. The story follows three miracle child survivors, told through newspaper articles, interview transcripts, and a tell-all book, from Japan’s teenage techy shut-ins to radical right-wing churches in America. The Three matches Stephen King’s The Stand in its scope and social commentary.


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    2. The Mall by S.L. Grey

    Welcome to the Down Side, where everything is very unlike it should be. In the underbelly of a mall where shoppers reign supreme and are horribly disfigured with plastic surgery, shop assistants are chained to their counters, and McColon’s serves up bloody meat. It’s an incisive satire of consumerism with real scares.



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    3. Lock & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

    The graphic novel series about a sinister enchanted lady in the well and a house of keys with magical powers does horror with (bloody) heart. It’s about friendship and love and how badly things can go with ambition and pride and trying to opt out of fear and guilt. It’s like Donna Tartt’s The Secret History meets H.P. Lovecraft with Hill’s signature flair.



  4. 9780857660077

    4. Slights by Kaaron Warren

    Dread rises in Warren’s debut novel like sarin gas in a subway car. The disturbing portrait of a female serial killer and the minor slights that fester in terrible ways is compulsively horrible.




  5. 9780857680839

    5. Anno Dracula by Kim Newman

    Anno Dracula is Newman’s alternate fictional history where Dracula has married Queen Victoria and members of the British upper class are all vampires or aspiring to be. It’s clever, witty, socially conscious, gorgeously gruesome, and sexy as hell.



  6. 9780958578349

    6. From Hell by Alan Moore

    Alan Moore’s take on Jack the Ripper is a brutal examination of human cruelty, apathy, bureaucracy, and the horrors of modernism. It’s the kind of bleakly philosophical book that grabs you by the shoulders to shake you and make you look at what we are. It will leave you reeling.



  7. 9780375703768

    7. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

    This postmodern masterpiece is a novel within a novel with footnotes within footnotes spiraling around the pages and paragraphs condensing into claustrophobic blocks of text on a white page. House of Leaves is as much a twisted game of layout and intertextuality as it is the story of an expedition into the depths of a mysteriously expanding house.

    Lauren Beukes is a writer, TV scriptwriter and recovering journalist. For the sake of a story, she’s jumped out of planes and into shark-infested waters and hung out with teen vampires, township vigilantes, and AIDS activists among other interesting folk. When she’s not tutoring her baby daughter in practical ways to take over the world, she also writes books, short stories, magazine articles and TV scripts.


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