5ks You Should Run Based on Your Hogwarts House

5ks You Should Run Based on Your Hogwarts House

I’d pay good money to attend the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Yule Ball, but part of me wishes they had considered hosting the Triwizard Tournament instead. What can I say, I’m a Gryffindor who appreciates a nice physical challenge. I’m positive I’m not the only one, so I’ve compiled this handy list of races that will appeal to runners from any of the four Hogwarts houses. Time to run like You Know Who is after you.

Brave and daring Gryffindors have a competitive streak for sure, and, as runners, they are always looking for new ways to challenge themselves. These three races should appeal to members of this house who want to push themselves to the limit.

Superhero Scramble
10425171_701699343228884_6040921444243328095_n While some runners might like races that bring out their inner warriors, chivalrous Gryffindors will get more enjoyment out of an event that helps them tap into their heroic side.

Bare Buns Fun Run
surge at the end 1 Bravery is certainly the first requirement for a race that calls for nudity, but I think a number of Gryffindors would be up for the challenge. Can’t you just picture a young Sirius Black convincing the other Marauders to join in? You’re welcome for that mental image.

ROC Race
ROC I’d bet good money that many of the contestants on the TV show Wipeout are Gryffindors. This race is inspired by that show and features many iconic challenges such as the sweeper and the infamous red jump balls.

Straight races offer little opportunity to show off your brains as well as your strength, which is why athletic Slytherins will enjoy courses that feature obstacles they are forced to overcome and outwit.

The Zombie Run
524556_798302346864877_1931184182_n While many Slytherins will get a thrill out of out running and outsmarting zombies, others will prefer to transform into the zombies that terrorize the racers. Either way, this challenge-filled race is ideal for cunning runners.

Spartan Race
13094332_10153431491596861_8164779612668614993_n Named after the legendary Spartan army, this race asks runners to push their bodies to the limit for the chance to achieve greatness. Ambitious Slytherins will surely be up for the challenge, even if they try to use cleverness to get out of doing penalty burpees.

Electric Run
10366303_664604850282533_6237060035184966979_n Maybe it’s because their common room is located in the dungeons and lit by green lights, but I think some Slytherins will really enjoy a race that feels more like an underground rave.

Everyone knows that Ravenclaws are brainiacs, but intelligence doesn’t come in a single form. These races vary from fun runs organized around a love of stories to obstacle courses that encourage unique solutions to physical challenges.

Challenge Nation
This race was likely organized by Ravenclaws. Teams must solve clues that lead them to various checkpoints throughout the host city, where they’re met with either physical or mental challenges. There are puzzles throughout, meaning this event is perfect for runners with sharp minds.

Walt Disney World 5k
12747420_1360931040599521_4606754039337576156_o Ravenclaws value books and creativity, so it isn’t hard to imagine them penning fanfiction and creating cosplays based on their favorite literary characters. A race where you’re encouraged to dress up as Disney characters (many of which are inspired by fairy tales) sounds perfect for runners from this bookish house.

Alpha Warrior
1093949_342631845868442_2137881371_oTo be fair, this is more of an obstacle course than a race, but it is perfect for Ravenclaws looking to challenge themselves mentally and physically. The obstacles are designed by architects and engineers, meaning competitors will need to take a moment to analyze each challenge and craft the best route to victory.

Hufflepuffs are described as friendly, cheerful, and hardworking without craving accolades or recognition. Fun is the ultimate goal for a Hufflepuff looking to race.

The Color Run
1901350_610116589042390_1186001676_n This race is known as the happiest 5k on the planet and it’s not timed. While other houses may wonder what the point is of running when you aren’t racing the clock, Hufflepuffs will revel in the joy of running for the sake of running. Plus they’ll love watching as their clothes and bodies are painted with a rainbow of colors.

NYC Pizza Run
pizza-run2015-122The Hufflepuff common room is located right near the kitchens, and I imagine late night snacking is a favorite habit of many members of this house. So a two mile race that rewards runners with three slices of pizza as they run should be perfect for Hufflepuffs.

Insane Inflatable 5k
13130865_1179551322090330_1311628615613420579_o This race is advertised as a party and I’m positive Hufflepuffs will want to be invited. You can race, climb, and slide your way through this inflatable obstacle course on your own, but it will certainly be even more fun with fellow Hufflepuffs at your side.

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  1. I love your choices for each house, but if you *really* love Harry Potter and want to do good while running races with Harry Potter themes, you need to check out Hogwarts Running Club. Yep, it’s a real thing and has thousands of members all over the world. Proceeds from each race go to a different charity, and the medals are so cool (because who doesn’t love rave bling?!). Check them out here: http://hogwartsrunningclub.org/ and find them on Facebook by searching Hogwarts Running Club. No, I’m not the owner/president/board member or anything, just a member who loves to walk for charity!

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